Monday, May 11, 2015

Clam Digger Layout from the trip to OBX

Still working through photos from a recent trip we took on Spring Break to the Outerbanks. I think I have quite a few pages left! ;-)

Love that red Corning hoodie my oldest was wearing when I took this photo of her on the board walk going down to the sea. She had rolled up her jeans, so the waves wouldn't get them wet!

I played off those rolled up jeans with my title. Also, we did attempt to dig up what we were might be clams, but failed at finding a single one! Guess we'll have to figure it out next trip! Love that row of flowers and flare! And that pretty soft ribbon that was gifted to me for Mother's Day by my Mom!

Just a simple page with some really pretty paper to showcase a lovely photo!

Hope your Monday was fantastic!


  1. is soooo soft and feminine...that line of flowers....MWAH!!! New fave:):):) AND that photo is gorgeous,'s just MY sort of LO....wish i had a girl child...... sigh.....

  2. This is a lovely scrapbook page!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!


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