Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Great Summer Project of 2015

The last house we put in a new walk way up to the house. This house needs all new walkways too. At least that is what THE MAN says. He's probably right, but it seems like a boat load of work. HOWEVER, a wider sidewalk means we can be even bigger slackers...we don't have to shovel at this house...we just plow them off so they will be the width of the plow blade.

I had to put in my own Dig Safe NY call even! I usually deal with those at work, not at home. Basically you call in your project to make sure any underground utilities are not affected. Since we happen to know for a FACT that the Corning Natural Gas line is actually under the sidewalk, it seemed prudent. They came up and marked it for us.

We even know how deep it is. That is what that huge plant pot is sitting in. A hand dug hole so we could find the gas line. It's not deep at all which is why they are coming back up to install a valve so we can shut the gas off before we jack hammer all the concrete.

I wish them luck digging in all those tree roots...but hopefully this week we'll have our valve.

In the meanwhile I'm enjoying all the new blooms. The lilac is quite lovely. And I've got all my potted plants full so they can just be moved out of the way.

So pretty! Thanks for taking a little peek at my backyard! Wish us luck!


  1. your home is gorgeous! Thanks for stopping by my blog~love your input on my re-purpose stuff:)

  2. Big project - be worth it though! And that lilac looks soooooooooo gorgeous, and I see it's near my Summerhouse/ tea house (merely disguised as a tool shed!!!) ......or is that another one??!!!!!!

  3. You have a beautiful backyard.. I hope the new path works out well!

  4. Best of British - oops American I mean - luck to you!!! Oh to have a handy guy around - what a blessing!!! Your new place looks fab!!


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