Monday, May 25, 2015

Happy Memorial Day from Pratt Inc.

Hey Pratt. Did you forget what day it is? I think you forgot it was Memorial Day!

THE MAN gave me a look like I was half nuts and said, nooooo I didn't forget.

Yes you did, I said! We are laboring pretty hard so it must be Labor Day!

We went to an air show this weekend, but then came home to spend a day digging in preparation of the new natural gas line that is being installed and moving electric down from the house & telephone poles and running it underground.

That being said, I can't wait to scrapbook the Blue Angels and all the cool photos from our weekend.
One stunt pilot even created that heart in the sky to honor our military! I wish I had been quick enough to catch it more whole! Still, it was really pretty and I'm considering making it a background for a scrapbook page!

Anyhow, hope yours was awesome and slightly less sweaty than mine!

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  1. No holiday here! Well, except that every day is a holiday in one form or another, really..... I think the heart would make a great bg for a LO. For your air show LO. Or two! How's about a double, Miss Mitra? There's a challenge. I haven't done one for ages, myself. But then, I haven't been to an airshow & got awesome photos, either;)!!!


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