Friday, May 15, 2015

Me & Lexi: HAWK 5 K Walk Run Layout

Don't get crazy. I walked most of it! We may have ran when people had cameras about or they were holding traffic for us turtles. However, nobody with a stroller passed us, so I'm calling it a win! And those are skorts I'm wearing thank you very much. The kid already made fun of me, but they are very cool and comfortable. I hate running shorts as they seem to creep to places unknown....

Anyhow, Lexi's art teacher is the bomb and sent me these photos. I'm usually the one taking photos so it was a treat! Well, that and she has some awesome camera too...and that art teacher eye ball that makes everything perfect!

Love the gold accents on this page and the die cuts I made of our numbers. They are super cool!

I really like the Hawk logo I printed for my page! It's all kinds of fierce! And that adorable little pink sticker camera! So cute!

Anyhow, no running this weekend. Just jackhammering concrete. The Great Summer Project of 2015 begins with a bang!


  1. I'm sure the jack hammering will be MUCH more fun that the errr 'running'. Go YOU with your skorts, I say. And I LOOOVE how you've been captured as the 'serious' runner...fiercely concentrating whilst Lexi is smiling her socks off!!!! LOVE that ampersand in the middle.....

  2. Fabulous page, so nice for some one to be taking your photo instead of you being behind the camera, love the hawk emblem and go the skorts! They look good!

  3. Loveeeeeeee this! LOVING how you added goodies from the race!!!!!!!!

  4. Very go-getter that hawk!! Good for you!! Awesome!!!


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