Wednesday, May 13, 2015

How Charming!

Lexi graduates from YEA! tonight. I really wracked my brain to come up with a cool present for Miss Denise, their fearless leader. She has been amazing and kept all these smart up and coming CEOs on track!

We opted to go with a charm bracelet that matches all the kids in Yea! and their businesses! In fact, one of the girls sells these charm bracelets with hand punched hearts so I am using one I purchased & added some pretty little dangles to represent each kid and their business.

Lexi has the purple charm with a wing to match her logo for her business.

I have this really awesome box I made for THE CUTTING CAFE to put it in! 

Super sparkly for a beautiful teacher! Hope she loves it!


  1. That is glorious...the thoughtfulness, the bracelet & the GORGEOUS little box. Really lovely:) Bet she'd be pleased as punch to receive this!!!

  2. WHAT an absolutely stunning gift!!! You really do make the very best pressies!!!!


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