Monday, May 18, 2015

Weekend Warrior & pretty things

Argh! Someone stole my sidewalk and I'm trying to pretend the back yard isn't a war I keep looking at pretty things like these new Jolees burlap flowers and  awesome polka dotted bows....and this hand painted lovely dish I found at the ReStore...

Or these Rhododendron that are blooming so nicely by my gazing ball....the same gazing ball you can see across the piles of dirt and gravel...

And this is our new reality until we get the sidewalk dug out, move the gravel from where the old sidewalk was, get the new natural gas line run, pour new cement, and get grass planted...

The good news is that I can scratch running a jack hammer off my bucket list. Turns out not only can I run one, but I can also drag one around, and my boobs were involved.

You  actually do not need huge arm muscles to run one. In fact, as long as you can push a button, it pretty much hammers the crap out of concrete like a mad bastard. However, it's boring, hot, sweaty, nasty work. And it happens to be the perfect height for the ladies. I'm just saying at some point I looked down and both arms were shaking in time to the boobs jiggling. I felt like I was on one of those infomercials where you shake the fat off your body. I'm all still in one piece though, so I can't say it worked.

There, THE MAN said, you can go to work on Monday and tell the boys you ran an 80lb jack hammer. The one dude I work with won't let his Missus touch the lawn tractor and the other one thought running a jack hammer would be fun. Even I'm not dumb enough to think jackhammering is fun. Nah, I'll skip that conversation and pretend all day that I'm not sore, thank you very much!

Happy Monday! 


  1. LOL!!!'ve done it, conquered it and don't want to go back there again, eh? I'm sure, positive, that it will look fabulous when it's finished. And those 'pretty' newbies will deffo take your attention!!!

  2. My goodness I always wondered about that jack hammer stuff.. Now I need not bother! Thanks for the heads up.. And I hope you get your back yard back real soon..

  3. The mental picture is causing me to smile!!! Way to go, Mitra.

  4. Well it is all a work in progress & will be all beautiful when finished!! LOVE that stash & your beautiful plants!!


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