Friday, May 1, 2015

I Am Dreaming Big: Grapefruit Layout for Another Freaking Scrappy

So there is a reason we had Luke pose next to a grapefruit tree at the National Arboretum. He has been growing his own tree since he was three. We were actually really happy to see one inside with real fruit!

Always an adorable boy, how could I resist a grubby small person asking me to plant a grapefruit seed. Randomly the darn thing sprouted...and now we have a tree that is nearly as tall as he is at tweleve!

I imagine at some point we'll have to move to Florida so we can plant this TREE in our yard. ;-) 

Anyhow, it was totally worth making a page out of! Plus the challenge at Another Freaking Scrappy is all about flowers! You can use some on your page OR scrap about them. In this particular case we're hoping our tree has flowers and I used flowers! Also I used a really cool drawing Luke created in art class of a sunflower. I thought it worked well with the yellow theme I had going. 

Pretty sparkly leaves and some accordion bloom flowers along with a little bit of white thread makes up the embellishments. So super fun!

Come play along with us! Happy Friday and 1st of the Month!



  1. Love it!! And how wonderful you still have that errrr pot plant tree??? After all these years! Those big orange-ish dots on the bg really maketh the page for me....such a neat 'seating' for it all!!!

  2. That amazing, i did not think a seed like that would grow.. you must have the gardening touch!! Fabulous layout.. love that back ground paper.. and love the rosette flowers too..

  3. Oh my gracious sakes... this just TOTALLY made my day. I am laughing out loud. When you said... the darn thing sprouted... then I had to read it outloud to hubby. Now we are both laughing!!! You did such a great job writing about this and LOVE the layout. This is FABULOUS - ALL of it! j.


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