Sunday, May 10, 2015

Hawk Pride and Screeching like a Crow

Yesterday I ran part of the Hawk 5 K Run/Walk at the school with Lexi. They are the Hawks here in Corning, which is a better mascot than the Sand Stoners in Potsdam. Not that I have anything against a guy with a pick ax who represents the rock for which Potsdam is famous, but the word "Stoner" in American Culture means you like to smoke weed in vast quantities.

Anyhow back to running. We ran across any streets we crossed where they were holding up traffic and we also ran when we thought people had cameras. It was Strategic Running and I was pretty proud that no one with strollers passed us. So it was safe to say I still had enough energy to do some yard work when I got home.

THE MAN had suggested that I move some hostas to where he had just put some dirt & out of the yard. I was off to find my shovel and gloves when I stepped funny out of the shed. My ankle went sideways with a big ole crack and down I went with a scream. I was pretty sure the bone in my ankle was sticking out and I didn't wanna I mostly just sat in the dirt and cried.

Eventually THE MAN who was in the garage wandered out looking to see if we had a crow screeching found me. He made me peel back my sock and sit on a bench in the shade. Brought me wine, ice and a book and told me to relax. He was raised by a nurse so I don't think a bone sticking out of my ankle would have phased him much.

It's puffy today still and hurts, but I think I'll live. In fact, I think I'm well enough to go to the store and do the grocherying with my personal shopping assistant. It is Mum's Day here, but I feel like I celebrated it already since I got to read the entire book in the sun with ice wine.

Hope you have a Happy one!


  1. Shane so sorry to hear that!! Mum's day here too so am relaxing with tea and a magazine! Congrats on the run! Impressive!!

  2. Ouch! They say that most accidents happen at home and they probably mean the dirt around the house too, maybe moreso! Happy Mothers Day! Another excuse to baby that ankle!

  3. Naaah! NOT NICE. Especially after you'd 'done the right thing' & gone on that errrr 'run' shoulda been REWARDED for that........however, I think that gives you an out for next year. I mean, look what followed. You don't want that to happen again.......hope it is not broken or fractured......please take care of it.......& Yup! FYI. Here 'stoned' has exactly the same connotation....

  4. Ouch! That does not sound good.. I hope it is only a sprain and it heals quickly.. but then again.. how much more can you milk this... more ice and relaxing perhaps for a few more days!! I hope you had a happy Mothers day!


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