Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wild Horses & Black Doilies

When we were in the Outerbanks for Spring Break, one afternoon we were eating lunch at a local place. I decided to ask where the wild horses could be spotted. Everyone knows that OBX has wild horses due to excessive post cards with horses but where to find them!

I figured a local dude would give me the straight scoop. He told us to take the ferry to Ocracoke Island and then served me a most amazing clam chowder.

Makes me hungry just thinking about it.

Anyhow, back to the horses. So, a long hour ride on the ferry, we head into town. On the way in we passed a corral and some cars pulled off the road. We then stop at a local grocery to stock up on drinks for the beach. We figured we were off to spot some horses. I asked the lady at the register where exactly to start. She smiled and said that they had to corral the horses due to tourist hitting them with cars.

At that point THE MAN starts mumbling things under his breath about horses in fences would techincally not be WILD beach running horses and I attempted to silence him with one of those hairy eye ball wife looks. So, after some time on the beach and exploring the town, we stopped on the way back to see the "wild" horses. Except for being a bit furier than most horses, they looked well, like horses.

My favorite part of this layout aside from the furry horse photo is my flower cluster complete with some shells...and black doilies!

Aren't those the bomb?

I almost like them as much as gold ones. Make me happy!

That acylic arrow is pretty cool too. Love how shiny it is!

Anyhow, I hope your Hump Day was awesome!


  1. The black doilies almost equal the gold ones!! The way you've done your title--- adore!!! And the story? Priceless!!!

  2. Hehe....hairy eye balls...that's hilarious! Lovely layout, love the black doileys and cute horse too!

  3. Love these colours together and the story about the wild horses , so funny. Love the title with the little not. Very cool layout


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