Thursday, July 23, 2015

Aunt Karen Angel

My Aunt Coco asked nicely if I would make her an angel for the Lake George Cottage. She had spotted one somewhere and gotten the idea. Since she didn't get a photo and it was gone the next day when she went back, I was left to use my imagination. I grabbed some sheet music at the ReStore and that vintage Ivory Brand type writer ink metal box and got creative with a dowel and some hot glue.

The head is a glass lamp finial and fit nicely over the dowel after we whittled it down a bit with a knife. The box was cut with metal snips to fit over the same dowel. The only "new" thing is really that bloom from Prima. The other little blooms were some vintage ones I dyed and added.

I got this idea from Jean Green, a fellow blogger who sent me the adorable little angel on the left. She used a spool to keep her angel upright. I used a heavy ceramic insulator from a telephone pole we took down recently to weight the bottom. You can just see it peeking out from under Aunt Karen Angel's skirt. A big washer is the very base. Her skirt is sheet music, but I used the cover for the front of the skirt. I liked the graphic. ;-)

I also used birch bark from Lake George to make the tag. On the tag is a quote my Aunt Karen had written in her yearbook and was something my Mother read at Aunt Karen's internment so it was extra special. I think it very much fits an angel. 

Really happy with how this turned out! I'll keep Aunt Karen Angel safe in my china cabinet until I can deliver her to Lake George and my Aunt Coco. My Aunt has to do something hard today so wish her luck and strength! It's also the reason I picked today to schedule this post.

Happy Thursday to you all as well!.


  1. My angel sister! It made me cry. So perfectly thoughtful! Adding the quote: masterful! Hugs and more hugs across the miles. Today: here I come!

  2. Sad and beautiful and inspiring all in one. Hugs to you and your family :)

  3. You are so clever.. I love the sheet music dress, that amazing flower but the best part are those stunning wings... love this..

  4. I hope your Aunt gets through the day with the wings of an angel by her side:) This is very thoughtful and beautiful as well. That quote is lovely & the pops of blue...perfect for an angel, I reckon:):)


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