Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Love Your Selfie: CMOG Layout

We have the good fortune of living near the Corning Museum of Glass or CMOG which houses the world's largest collection of glass. Our town is in love with glass and is also quite arty! It also means opportunities! Miss Lexi at 14 has been offered a chance to volunteer at the museum this summer. We beyond excited for her!

Part of her volunteer work involved some homework at the museum. Since I hadn't seen the new wing I offered to accompany her. They wanted her to take a photo of her favorite piece of glass with herself as part of the assignment. I was happy to accommodate...it wasn't quite a selfie, but I figured I was getting a pretty cool photo out of the deal!

It's a pretty flat page. Was trying to use up a bit of a kit I had left over. It's nice to have a flat page once in a while...so you can get all crazy with flowers on another and still fit them in a book!

Happy Tuesday!

P.S. I LOVE that chandelier they have in the new Contemporary Art & Design wing...can you tell it's HUGE! So pretty!


  1. Gorgeous page...especially with the 'selfie' card spilling outta the camera like that! And GOOD ON YOUR GIRL....she is ROCKING it atm. Growing up in a really fine way:):)

  2. Oh wow that chandelier looks amazing.. and a great photo too.. and well done on Lexie for volunteering, I hope she has a marvellous time.. fabulous layout. love the patterned papers you have put together!

  3. Woah....nice job Lexi!! What a great gig for the summer and with your love of art and creativity...that's gonna be a hoot! Great page too Mitra!! It's very obvious you're a proud Mom. :)


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