Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Happy Rain: Layout from the Sterling Renaissance Fair

My tickets to the Renaissance Festival in Sterling were bought months ago as was the reservation at the campground...so we couldn't cancel due to rain! Suspecting rain late afternoon, we left the camper with umbrellas. About a half hour into arriving, down came the showers!

Due to toting around an umbrella, I didn't get a ton of photos, but it didn't stop our good time! The few photos I did worked well as a collage. Even pulled out the oval cutter I haven't used in ages.

I also used a Lizzy Hill trick. My paper was pretty busy but I still wanted to journal on it. Out came the white out!

I am also digging those flower clusters! The little fluffy ones that are white and sticking out sideways are vintage and those little pinecones were found at the campground! And look at those ladies on those huge silk ropes! They were amazing!

Hope your Tuesday was awesome. The week seems to be off to a good start for me!


  1. Good on you getting your journaling done like that! Love the collage effect & the oval cut photo looks really good. Those 'silks' girls look pretty amazing....the whole page is really lovely:):) Rain eh? Doesn't look like it worried you guys too much at all!!

  2. Love the collage effect. Had not thought of using white out to journal on dark or busy paper. ( I will be stealing that idea!!!!) Great layout, Mitra. Looks like a fun trip.

  3. Love love love this! LOVING the way you journaled and the photos!!!!!!


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