Monday, July 13, 2015

Oh Happy Day: Last Day of School Layout

My oldest emptied her backpack on the last day of school and left me all kinds of goodies on my desk for a scrapbook page. Coinciding with that my friend Kristy hooked me up with a scrap page that needed to be finished so away I went!

Can you spot a hallway pass, school badge, hand drawn foxes, and two beaming kids?! They were so happy to start their ten weeks of vacation. Love that gold "OH" in the title and those scripty words!

I thought the little foxes were adorable and made a great addition to my page. The one sleeping is what my kiddos have been doing quite a lot due to staying up late. Goodness, those teens!

Hope your Monday is amazing!


  1. Ahhh, finally...the good life!!! Awesome page and nice foodie picture too!

  2. This looks wonderful, I especially love the school keepsakes on the page, great memories! And yes teens love to stay up late, but oh dear it is hard to get them up in the morning!

  3., before you can blink you'll have college kids.....& I am IN LOVE with those foxes...guessing Lexi drew them???? They are brill. Love this whole page. It sort of has an anticipation to it which I guess works for the summer ahead. Which you're well into now, of course - adore the ephemera:):)

  4. LOVE this layout. Can see that the kids are having a great time already. I see Luke still loves his ice cream! Lexi must have drawn the foxes, they are sooooo cute.

  5. wow such a cool layout . Love the hand drawn foxes and the fact you have bits and bods that add meaning to your layout

  6. How adorable! LOVE the gold letters & those foxes!! TEN weeks of holiday sounds insane. Here the holidays are never over 5 weeks but we have 4 split over the year. I guess if the weather is glorious only at one time of the year it makes sense to save it all up for then!!


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