Friday, July 17, 2015

Happy Birthday Jennifer!

Popping in today to wish my Sistah In Law the happiest of birthday weeks! (if the Aussie girls look real close, that is Australia on my card down near the rose!)

It's her actual birthday today, but I do hope her family treats her to a week of indulgences! I also hope that my package arrived safely!
Matched my card to some vintage wrapping paper I used. I love the rabbits and toadstools! Pretty sure my Grandma wrapped a present for me when I was little with the same stuff!

The really remarkable part is that I sewed (gasp!) on my card. The boy had my sewing machine out working on his uniform for Civil Air Patrol, so I did some stitching on my card! Hopefully you are sitting down for this news...

Anyhow, have a great weekend as it's Friday! insert happy dance here! And wish my Sistah In Law a happy day too! 


  1. This is gorgeous! LOVING the flower, the map and the ribbon!!!!!

  2. Loooove that vintage paper and my little eye did spy Sydney and WOW...stitches!!!! That should be a regular thing for you...your design looks great!!

  3. Happy birthday to your sister in,law... Lovely card, and love the gift wrapping too!

  4. I'm sitting down now! Hooly DOOLY!! You sewed. Fabulous. I Spy Aussie!!! Yay...& lovely ribbon there & gorgeous-ness all round & I hope your Jennifer has a long, spread out joyous birthday time:):)

  5. Your BOY sewed! You had me stumped right there!! That is awesome!! And I LOVE your card!!! I've also noticed what a thoughtful gift giver you are so sure SIL will love it!!!


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