Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Little Altered Drawers with Hardware

Little white knobs, numbers from a telephone pole and huge old metal furniture tacks decorate this upcycled drawer set. The drawers themselves are teeny tiny so it's much more of a decoration, but it's making me happy with all the hardware! If you want to see a before photo, I blogged about it in my Deer Me more Junkin Post. Those tacks came from a recent ReStore trip and the numbers came off a telephone pole we took down on our property. THAT is a story in itself...

The grundgy look with the copper and gold paint and red chips were intentional as well. I really wanted something to match the rest of my little collection. Some quick sanding took off that black paint I added!

Snuck some scallops in on the top & added some extra copper paint. They make me happy!

Hope your Tuesday is lovely!


  1. This looks AMAZING!! LOVING the drawer pulls!!!!!

  2. HOLY transformation Batman!! This looks NOOOTHING like the original. The knobs, the scrolls, the colors, the numbers, the hardware.....still drooling!! Makes me happy too.

  3. That is amazing. It's for Lexie, yeah? Those knobs are yum...the numbers are my fave. So worth the story, I'm sure. And I am SUPER GLAD those deer are still deer. Phew! See, they make stuff look pretty!!!!

  4. This looks amazing, the deliberate roughing of edges looks wonderful, and love the story of the numbers from the pole on your property.. Marvellous creating yet again!


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