Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Aunt & Twin Layout

We spent the past weekend at Lake George. We traveled North for my Aunt Karen's internment who had passed earlier this year. She was my Mother's Twin. It was difficult to see her twin-ness as a kid since she suffered from some kind of thing I never could identify. The eulogy my Mother delivered explained it was Autism. Things are so much different these days and she would have gotten a much different reception from the world. Instead she made her way through half way houses and got sicker mentally and physically.

I made the page very "arty" as everyone who spoke about my Aunt Karen mentioned her various talents as an artist. Since the funeral was at the family compound at Joshua's Rock, I also added a couple of pine branches (in pink!) and some birch bark in strips.

I used the birch bark like washi tape but stapled on. It worked really well! You might see that I snuck in a rub-on paint brush! Love the pink splash of paint! I was trying to add just a little and the top flew off...Love happy mistakes!

Hope your Wednesday was Happy...we are on the downhill side now and coasting to the weekend!



  1. Ah what a special layout. And yes life for your Aunt would be so much more different and hopefully better understood too these days.. All the elements have meaning and this makes it a very heart felt layout and tribute...

  2. Happy mistakes indeed. What a gorgeous tribute to your Aunt. Thank goodness there is better diagnosis these days! LOOOVE your bark 'washi' best of all....and the bright pop of pink, too:):) Keep dry.....apparently it's going to be wet, miserable and a top of 11C tomorrow, Don't think I'll be taking Lucas to the park!!!

  3. HOW did I miss this gloriously artsy page?!?! Best ever!!!! Love everything about it!!!!


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