Monday, July 6, 2015

Christmas in July: Shake it Up

My daughter wrinkled her nose up when she wandered in my office late the other night. She said, um Mom it's not Christmas!

It does seem odd to be taking this photo with green grass in the background and not snow! I am excited however to be one card down when it comes to Christmas Cards! (How many does Lizzy Hill have done though?)

The main attraction on this card are the shaker bells! They are from THE CUTTING CAFE Christmas Shaker Card collection and full of glitter! I added more glitter to the outside that I touched up with some gold paint and some drips of ink.

Gold washi tape and some real glittery snowflakes complete this card! I really dig the depth but I'll have to send it in a box!

Hope your day does not involve any snow, unless it's the fake glittery kind!

Happy Monday!


  1. This looks lovely, very pretty and love all the sparkle! And it is never too early to start the chrissy cards!

  2. Giggles....well...more than one!!! About 27, which is a bit behind...but now you mention it....I'd better get my A into gear! None as beautifully decorative as this though. I spied those bells straight off. They are AWESOME! And I ADORE those big round silver balls up the top. And that gold's fabulous! AND WELL DONE! Now you've started....there'll be no stopping you:):)!!!!

  3. Instantly I had Anita Ward singing in my head, "Ring my beeeeeeeell, ring my bell, my bell!" Umm, fairly certain though this is not the kind of bell she was referring to, but regardless...good song! And as for your card....FREAKING wonderful! You really should start now though if all your cards are going to be this elaborate and amazing. I love that you put a shaker as your focal and of course the glitter wand has done its job.
    Awesome job chica!

  4. your work is beyond amazing girl....i mean this is suppose to be a shaker love love what you did with this...

  5. Your projects always amazes me!! just stunning!

  6. What a stunning shaker card!! Love it!!


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