Monday, January 25, 2016

Memorandum Monday: Saturday at the Restore

Usually I don't get a chance to pop into the second hand store on the weekend. I hear that Saturday is probably the best day to go, but that is also the day that most things get scheduled. I had stuff to drop off before grocerying so I popped in. Lucky me! I've started planning for Easter decorations so was pleased to score that single candlestick and that yellow glass egg...can you see the two of them all paired up...

I am a sucker for vintage glitter so scored both gold and silver as well as some snowflakey glitter. As you can see, Snowmageddon missed us here so I'll have to settle for using glitter instead. Oh well, I am so sad about that. Love that Valentiney string!

I was REALLY excited to bring home that huge silver tray for $10. It's plated so was really much more of a score from the decoration side of things. I quickly learned once I got home that not everyone can see your vision but sometimes people are smart enough not to ask.

The oldest who was trying to work around a huge silver tray in the kitchen asked out loud what I planned to do with this HUGE silver tray. THE MAN winced. He looked at her and said...AND you asked her that out loud? You really want to know the answer?

I ignored them all and went to find my white tooth paste which is best for removing tarnish because it smells minty, cleans tarnish, and isn't rough on your hands. I had photographed something for my blog a couple of weeks back and needed a tray, but the one I had wasn't quite big enough...which was my excuse for picking this one up...and then I can stash it behind things as a decoration...OR I suppose I could actually USE it as a tray. Having carried things on it outside for this photo I can tell you that the maids in olden times that served up food on these massive things must have had pipes! Jeepers cats it's heavy!

Happy Monday! A wave from here to Sian where she is also doing Memorandum Monday!


  1. What a collection of lovely bits and bobs. But seriously EASTER???? I bow before you. And I reckon I'd RUN if I asked that question [accidentally] out loud!!! Before the tray got used for hitting!!!!

  2. Is it weird that it looks amazing just like that. A gorgeous tray holding an excellent future Easter project and shimmery shiny things with a red twine accessory....I already love it!!

  3. ...and if it had been snowing of course someone would have suggested a toboggan..

    Argh! Easter! The early bird catches the worm, though.

    Have a great week Mitra

  4. Lucky finds. I think I hear the Easter plans for them right now, just buzzing in your brain!!! Can't wait to see.

  5. that is a mighty tray! cant wait to see what you do with the candlestick and the egg... have a great week..

  6. Cannot wait to see what you do with this!

  7. What is Duncan doing these days,..maybe he can contribute something to the new project? Like transforming the pretty red twine?


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