Tuesday, April 12, 2016

12 tags of 2016-April & One Little Quote

Snow is on the ground outside but since we had a few couple of weeks with nice warm temperatures and the daffodils are up, we have robins hopping around. We also have the obligatory robin that thinks he needs to fly repeatedly into the porch window as he sees another robin vying for the same territory. Silly robin!

Due to the snow, you not only get to see my tag, but also the new to me china plates I picked up down at the ReStore. I thought the little blue flowers would look nice with my tag, so I grabbed one to protect my tag from that white stuff!

Anyhow due to the robin who is playing Don Quixote with the window and Tim's tag encorporating a bird, I opted to download a vintage image of a robin and robin nest and use those. I also embossed a piece of paper to look like wood. 

He used a tile mosaic look on his bird that I opted to use on the background of my tag. 

I do have some Tim Holtz paper that I dug out and picked some of the more interesting pieces to use for my mosaic. You can see a bike and a little girl peeking out by part of the quote. Of course if you look at the TOP of the tag, I used a piece with a lady giving Mr. Robin a hairy eye ball. THAT is me. I tried talking to him and hanging up a piece of stained glass to break up the reflection. He is determined to keep smashing himself into the window, sigh. 

And here are all the tags hanging out together. I'm still assembling that one little quote I'm working on for the year! It's funny to see how many of the tags have wings....super cool!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Love your tag Mitra it is beautiful. It is going to be interesting seeing them all come together at the end

  2. Loved the collage in the background !

  3. Love your kamikaze robin and changing the mosaic technique to the background is just genius. Cant wait to see May's Tag!

  4. LOVE the tag and the plate!
    Glad to hear that you have been enjoying awesome weather. It's so hot here that I can't get anything done...outdoors anyways...

  5. Yeah we have had silly birds flying into our windows too at times...mi try to do my bit By not washing the Windows until we can't see out in an effort to try and save the bird life!! Love your tag, love the winged theme that is happening! Will be good to see all the tags together!

  6. Oh my... more gorgeousness... I just want to stay home and make stuff now.. I mean... I do every morning... but you're making it really hard to get moving towards getting ready for work... sigh...

  7. Try shiny bird tape loosely hung on your windows dangling in the breeze. My challenge one year was a male rogue peacock ferociously stabbing all the windows. Had to capture that little beastie and return him to his owner...the one with plexiglass in all his basement windows.


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