Monday, April 18, 2016

Memorandum Monday: Maintenance Mode

Most of the weekend was spent in the sun. Thankfully it's turned back into spring here again (finally) and we able to take the camper out locally for an overnight. It had to be de-winterized & we wanted to make sure everything was working from the winter. Sunday we spent on lawn clean up. Since it was already spring once, I have already raked the lawn once. But, whatever is worth doing once is worth doing again, so got out the rake and got all the sticks cleaned up from our big snow.

Being out and about with the hot sun also meant a good spray painting opportunity. Got the bird bath painted and then assembled it with a long threaded rod, nuts and washers. I drilled holes through the bowl and the stand with a tile bit and since both pieces are terracotta, it was pretty easy drilling. I learned how to use a tool for measuring the center of a circle, since I wanted to be accurate when drilling the hole.

In case you didn't know one existed, it does! There is a little edge that hooks onto the side of your circle (or the bottom of your bird bath bowl) and you draw a straight lines and then move it a little. Eventually where all the lines meet in the center is where you will want to drill! Rock on! Was totally pumped to learn this trick!

Totally dig that I left the terracotta color in the center of the bowl. It was already glazed so I think it will work quite well as a bird bath. Used a little bit of copper spray paint on the rest of the bird bath so it will match when I was painting it. Now to just get more flowers up and figure out where it's going!

Waving at Miss Sian who appears to be having a bit of spring in her neck of the world too based on the pretty daffodil she used in her photos!


  1. A bit of Spring, sun? Not a chance! The central heating is on again here today. I think this is such a clever upcycle!

  2. Enjoy your spring! We are having warm days but the nights are slowly getting cooler here.. Heading into autumn.. I am sure your birds will appreciate the bath time!

  3. Very impressed with your bird bath. I have been looking for one and you have inspired me to look again.

  4. LOVE this. Glad you has a good spray painting day. Can't wait to see what else you cooked up...

  5. Freaking SWOON! I absolutely love this project!!!


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