Thursday, April 21, 2016

Shroom Making Kits for Earth Day at THE RESTORE

I have six mushroom making kits heading down to the ReStore for Earth Day which is TOMORROW! I thought I'd post the directions on how to make these in case you wanted to try them at home.

You will need:

  1. two heavy duty cardboard spools (one with a bottom, one without)
  2. twine and/or Washi Tape 
  3. a doily
  4. two red circles of material
  5. black lace
  6. cotton balls
  7. a pot to plant your schrooms in (we are using gold spray painted punch cups)
  8. hot glue
  9. decorations
You will first need to pull (or cut) the top off your spools so you can build the mushroom part. I hot glued five cotton balls on the top and carefully hot glued the red fabric over the top. Then I hot glued the black lace on. I then hot glued five cotton balls on the bottom. Repeat for the second mushroom. You can add variety by making one bigger or plumper than the other mushroom. 

Add the trimmed lace doily before reattaching the top of the mushroom to the cardboard stem with some hot glue. You can then decorate the stem with washi tape or twine. Pull the bottom off the second spool and cut the second stem at an angle. Add washi tape/twine before hot gluing the angeled stem to the main shroom. 

You can now hot glue the shrooms into the pot. Add more hot glue and attach the moss. Add some greenry or flowers. You can also add a little fairy to the top, a bird, butterfly or something else that is awesome. I added glitter to my mushrooms and a little scotty dog button with flowers to my copper spray painted pot. 

The best part about this project is that with the exception of the twine, moss & cotton balls, it's all upcycled stuff! Happy Earth Day and hope you get a chance to upcycle something! 


  1. Oh wow now this is my new fav! I love your mushrooms. I used to work at a mushroom farm.. that is just a bit of trivia!! but these are so cute!!

  2. I'm sure somebody should be paying you really quite a lot to be this inventive all day every day..

  3. You are just awesome....that's it....simply awesome....


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