Thursday, April 28, 2016

Crazy for Upcycled Cloches

Oh dear spring, how happy I am you have finally arrived! So happy I've been planting! These little glass choches were at the Restore a bit back and I paired them up with a plate, tea cup, and glass votive. It's amazing how easy it was to put them all together! Epoxy is really my new favorite adhesive!

The ribbon makes them extra cool in my book. I hand dyed some seam binding & crinked it up!

I used a part of a drawer pull painted gold to thread the ribbon through. It was perfect! A little epoxy holds it on the glass.

The most awesome part is I think these glass domes get me outta watering....rock on!

Happy Thursday!


  1. Another of your fab photos...with a narrative feeling...intriguing.and visually exciting at the same time!

  2. Awesome! So what do you use to hand dye your ribbon?


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