Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Epic Metallic Votive Holders for the ReStore

Was playing around with those Olive Garden dipping cups they gave me at the ReStore last week and came up with a combination of glass paint & silver mirror paint that I really liked. Let me show you what they looked like before....

Honestly on the scale of hard, this is a super easy project. I glued the glass candlesticks that are pretty much a mainstay of any second hand store or a dollar store to the bottom of the small dipping cup with epoxy. The kind I used worked in five minutes but cured over an hour so you could do the second painting step right off.

I then painted them with turquoise glass paint. Interestingly enough, the glass paint worked on the ceramic just like it did on the glass. You just mix your paint color with the Vitrea thinner, apply with a large brush, let dry overnight and then bake.

The looking glass paint goes on very thinly so if you don't use a lot, the glass color will show through under it, which is pretty.

You can then decorate your item! Since I used battery operated candles, I opted to make hemp bows and add some petaloo lilac flowers. I also added some washi around my candles so they matched, which is the beauty of battery operated ones!

These are headed to the ReSTore for their earth day celebration!


  1. Wow I love the transformation!

  2. Hey! These are GORGEOUS and I love the washi tape matchy matchy thing! You showing items used and process takes all the scare out of it for me. I can't wait to bake some thrift store items. :)

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! They are so eye catching. Thanks for the steps in this projectu. You have yet again created something beautiful out of an "Ugly Duckling". Great work< Mitra.

  4. So very cool! Who'd have thought these started from ugly OG dipping goal for summer...get comfortable with epoxy and all kinds of paint...I'm sure you'll be hearing from me plenty...oh I hope we can work something out once I know my dates. I have a wedding in wny in August. How long I can stay depends on how wisely I use my will know as soon as I know.... :)


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