Monday, April 11, 2016

Memorandum Monday: Crafternooning

I Crafternooned Saturday at my friend Debbie's house and Crafternooned at my house on Sunday with a brief break to run to the hardware store and another break to take apart the washing machine with THE MAN. I'll leave out the uninteresting bits like what's under a washer after you move it or what the inside looks like if your belt is wearing out....I will be sharing the page I made at Debbie's house later on this week. It's made from some lovely Close to My Heart stuff and made me smile, so I am hoping you enjoy it too. 

My Crafternooning was most enjoyable mostly because I hadn't spent any time in my office since we moved in the big desk and moved things around. Somehow adding a piece of furniture and moving the printer gave me lots of extra room and the flow is a lot better. Duncan likes the carpet under the desk because there is a spot where where he can watch the birds out the window. 

I spent Sunday trying to figure out what to make out of the little dipping cups they use at the Olive Garden. The Restore was given a large amount of plates & stuff from our local restaurant. They are pleased at how quickly the plates are selling however the little dipping cups for some reason are not as popular. They asked if I could come up with a project for Earth Day which is right around the corner using those cups.  

Luke and I spent an hour trying to drill holes in them with a special $9 bit from the hardware store. My thought was little plant pots, but that took wayyyyyyyy too long. We only manged two in that amount of time. Then I thought about using epoxy to attach them to candle sticks. I have to spray paint them or something at this point. 

Turns out you can fit two little mushrooms in one of those cups and they spray paint pretty well. I'm still thinking on what projects I'll suggest for Earth Day. I did make up six mushroom kits that they could sell. Hope people are into making them!

Well, I'm off to start the week! I'll be back tomorrow to show you my Tim Tag for April! 

Waving over to Sian who is our lovely host for Memorandum Monday


  1. Good plan! I bet they'll sell in no time.

    You aren't seriously trying to tell me that you didn't find anything to make a good story under the washer when you moved it? I'm having a bit of a hard time believing that :)

    Have good week Mitra

  2. So let's see the extra space in your craft room....this is super cute my friend...hugs

  3. So let's see the extra space in your craft room....this is super cute my friend...hugs

  4. Those mushrooms are cute!
    Sounds like an awesome weekend to me...minus the taking apart of the washing machine..

  5. I'm into them! I'll buy one!! And I can imagine what's under the washing machine .. hoping I don't have to find out for another long while...


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