Monday, April 4, 2016

Memoradum Monday: Barbie Welders & Reduction Glass

I brought a pile of things over to the ReStore last week as they were hanging out at Massi's Spring Fling on Saturday. I hadn't ever gone before but it was chock full of amazing crafters. Really yummy stuff. Massi's has awesome plants, but as we're not quite into plant buying season, they host Spring Fling which is mainly a craftshow, but a lot of not for profits also attended like the local animal rescues. It was great being under cover in the green houeses because it rained a couple of times!

I tried to stick with things I made that that came from the ReStore. They sell vintage hankies now and again and those crystal ends on these angels were water facet handles I found there the other day. I was all happy with the light bulb heads...I left those clear and I think they look really cool! I raided the light bulbs from THE MAN's stash, but they sell those as well. Hopefully they sold at least a couple of things, but I was way too busy looking around!

I hung out with gaffer Chrissy Lapham for a few minutes who had the most awesome vases. We had a great talk about how she got a gold shimmer in her blown glass vase. She used a reduction glass which was red but then used a blow torch to pull out the gold color. She teaches over at The Studio where I have been volunteering. She suggested I take a class. WOULD LOVE TO!

I also met Barbie the Welder. I would love to weld too! Both of these people do not know that I currently have a hot glue burn ON MY FOOT. Yeah. I would love to work with hot glass or metal....but it might also be best left to the professionals. Oh heck, who am I kidding...I am totally doing a glass class soon...and THE MAN can teach me how to weld...

On the subject of glass blowing...I'll be back tomorrow to show you something I kinda sorta made. Without giving it away, I will tell you that I learned that glass blowing takes more lung capacity than I previously thought!

Waving hi over at Sian who blogs at From High in the Sky. She is our lovely host for Memorandum Monday.

Happy Monday!


  1. Happy Monday, Mitra. Wish I could have made it over to Massi's on Saturday. Nice work. Sounds like it was a good time.

  2. Sounds fascinating. Glass blowing has always struck me as very very whatever you have made, I'm going to be impressed!

  3. Do a class! And show us what you make!!

  4. I ALSO want to learn to weld!! and of course now I want to hyperventilate trying to make some pretty glass ornament too... hope you had a good day today. I had a decent day for April 5th. Have a great second day!

  5. Chrissy's glass stuff is gorgeous...the feathers are out of this world and I love Barbie the welder!! Your angels blow my mind. I would imagine you got all KINDS of fabulous compliments on those!!!!


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