Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Vintage Peacock Feather Clear Cardstock Box for THE CUTTING CAFE Shop

Have I mentioned how much I love making boxes? This one was a bit tricky as I had that metal caddy that I wanted to use for feet, so measuring was pretty critical to get the box to fix inside it. I used a couple of pieces of scrap paper in the cutter before I got brave and used the clear cardstock that Regina is selling over at THE CUTTING CAFE Shop. The actual box is the Hershey Kiss Window box (minus the window) that I resized a lot.

The genus part of the clear cardstock (besides the part where you can see through it) is that it's very durable. It's also shiny so you are able to spray it with spray paint or heat emboss it. I used just a little gold and purple spray paint. It's also heavy duty and rigid so I wasn't afraid of tearing it when I slid it into the metal caddy.

I cut the top out of paper and you can see that the same spray paint reacts much differently with the paper! I did love the contrast between the clear cardstock and the paper. Totally dig that huge bloom that I got on an etsy store. Wish I knew which one so I could link back to them. It was a purchase long ago and I have been hoarding it! Just like I've been hoarding that peacock feather & that chipped handle! A special box requires pulling out all the stops though!

Huge thanks to Regina for sending me some clear cardstock to try! This box makes me happy! Can't wait to gift it to a friend with something special inside!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Clear cardstock ?? Something different ,loved the colors over it and the metal caddy take the look to a different level !The big bloom and peacock feather look beautiful on the top :)

  2. oh my garsh!! LOVE this... adding a link to this on my blog...this is just... wow... speechless...

  3. THIS IS A MASTERPIECE....wow wow wow wow

  4. Excellent. Wow! Amazing gift box! You pout the clear cardstock to the test!!

  5. Oh my! I love it! LOVE what you did with the clear cardstock and the metal caddy! So jealous of this lucky friend!

  6. What I would make with peacock feather, polka dots, acetate and claw feet? A huge mess. What you make? A MASTERPIECE of art! I'm loving this until the cows come home and then to infinity and beyond. Amazing job and thanks for helping me not lose it on my silly... :)

  7. Regina's clear cardstock is awesome and so much fun to work with. :) Love your box Mitra, the bloom from Ebay is fab and I love the metal box you put it in. Another gorgeous project!!!

  8. Stunning, Elegant & Beautiful!!
    Have a blessed day,
    Crafting With Creative M


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