Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Swirled Glass Ornament from THE STUDIO at CMOG

The other day I was walking in late to my volunteering gig at The Studio at CMOG. I had been to the dentist and I forgot they take three years to clean your teeth when you are old like me. It was a make up appointment from the one I missed when I was too busy hot gluing mushrooms and drinking wine. I had also forgotten your face hurts a little for a while after dentisting so I was probably making faces walking in from the far parking lot when I realized that someone was yelling at me. I am half deaf most of the time so they must have really been loud.

It was an older lady hanging out of the back car window. She wanted to know where The Studio was. To be exact she wanted to go to that place where they blow glass. There are two places that happens this time of year at CMOG and three during the summer. I took a leap of faith and decided she wanted to go to where they let YOU blow glass, which is at The Studio. If it was summer, she would have lucked out since they set up shop in the middle of the parking lot and you can't miss it.

Got the folks in the car all straight and then went to hang out with the bead cord. I am a bead cord cutting maniac. I know you see me as a crafting queen, so you will have to take my word that I can cut and wind bead cord like a freak show. Anyhow, it was my last day and they asked if I wanted to blow an ornament.

I totally did, but I was pretty sure there was tooth paste on my face which still hurt and then there were all those people that would be watching so there is this extra thing called pressure, but HELLO LOOK AT THAT GLASS OMG!!!

I mean it's not like they let you just grab a gob of hot molten glass and go to town. The whole thing is quite scripted although technically it is your air that makes the ornament...it's the gaffer's years of skill that makes it look perfect and awesome and like a fancy almost unicorn horn. Anyhow, my point being that I did my best to blow when she said blow even though hello it was a lot of blowing and kinda almost like hard work.

I did have a role model to follow. There was a six year old on the bench next to me who was twitching a whole lot less than I was. I assume because someone checked her face to make sure it wasn't covered in tooth paste like mine probably was. Anyhow, I am so excited about this piece!

In fact, do you see how the weather cooperated for me so I could take photos of snow so it looks like a Christmas ornament? Who am I kidding, it will be out all year just as soon as I figure out where I want to hang it!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. The colors of that ornament are beyond gorgeous...!!!

  2. How cool to get a chance to make your own glass ornament ! Looks fabulous !

  3. Well..wow! see, I knew I'd be impressed

  4. You did a fabulous job - your ornament is beautiful! (And yes, I totally sympathize with the whole numb swollen mouth thing!)

  5. THAT is gorgeous... of course it is... you live and breathe art :)

  6. Whaaaaaat??? That's way too cool for school!! You are fabulous and you did it all with a sore mouth. I'm impressed and that is a GORGEOUS ornament. Where oh where have you decided to hang it? I LOVE IT!!!!


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