Thursday, May 4, 2017

Drowning in a Sea of Art & Throwing a Lizzy

I think us creatives walk a fine line between being productive, happy, and making amazing work to being burnt out for a variety of reasons. I've been blogging since 2010 so I've been around the block a little. It seems to be a careful juggling act with how much you make, with how much you blog, and with how much you follow. See it's a community so you must of course look at everyone else's stuff and then you have to talk about your stuff all the while keeping up with the new stuff. Vicious. Cycle.

I think sometimes you can just over do all of it. Maybe you get sick of scrapping and blogging. Or maybe you get sick of stalking the blogs out in blog land. Or maybe seeing glitter makes you want to throw things. It's time to step back and just take a breather.

I've felt those things before myself. So I set some rules. In a weird world of where I need structure to be creative, last year I decided that I would only post four days a week or less. Blogging was starting to piss me off. Like it felt like a chore. See, I like to write, but then I don't want to be forced to blog. I also try to not post on the weekends. I write on the weekends because that's when I feel the best. Usually in the morning before everyone is up. But then I set things up to autopost so those three or four blog posts then just go live during the week each morning.

Usually nobody has to force me to create, but if you are on too many design teams, it might feel forced time to time. Sometimes when you feel the most lost and confused about what you might create though, it pushes you out of your comfort zone to make something really amazing. Some of my best work comes through that channel. However, I try to be on teams where if something came up, I could miss a post. There is enough other stress in my life, so I want to keep the voluntary work where it should be. It needs to fit into my free time & make me happy.

Years ago I felt overwhelmed with the amount of content out there in Blog Land. I really try to only subscribe via email to the blogs I want to read. It's a very small list, which probably means I get less followers. They come into my inbox so if I run out of time, I can just hit delete after taking a quick peek at the photos. I always wish I had more time to cruise around blog land, but I don't right now.

All this helps me not get burnt and crispy though!

In reality, my blog is for me. It makes me happy (for now) and I do it because I want to. The day that ceases to be a reality is when I post a note like my friend Lizzy and say, adios for now. So long and thanks for all the fish.

Hats off to you Lizzy for figuring out that you just need a wee breather. Some sun on your face and glitter glue on your hands. I hope you'll be back of course wandering around blog land and writing cool content, but if you don't make it I'll check up on you from time to time on social media!


  1. LOL! This is the first post I've looked at or commented on since I did my 'adieu' got me in, you rotter! Not really ;) LOOOOOOOVe those blossom shots - that pink....GLORIOUS. Worth coming by for that alone, but of course, I love your posts!! And being Me. I'm now challenging myself to do videos. Yup! I'm You Tubing, LOL....cos i'm still scrapping. So figured this was a way to share tips and tricks without doing anything except upload and chat along with my scrapping. That I can handle. Easily. At the moment!!!!!

  2. Yup. All so true. I'm working on backing off a bit but of course this will take some time. But mostly just so I can create with what I want and not with what I must. On a bumpy plane and feeling a bit woozy so signing off for now.....beautiful pics!


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