Monday, May 22, 2017

Pink, Red, and Green for Memorandum Monday

Goodness there has been a lot of living this past week. Two day road trips for work, a church group volunteered yesterday and more work. So not a lot of crafting going on in the studio although it's always nice when you have the excuse to create as something is due for a design team. So flowered it up yesterday! I was inspired by all the pink azalea blooms around the house.

Thankfully there were some left over flowers from the cutting file so I got to have a little play using them up after I made my main project! You'll see that tomorrow. It was so nice coming home to a neat and tidy home after THE MAN spent hours on maintenance outside. See the one house we worked on Saturday is nearly wrapped up, but still in that phase where it's pretty easy to set your tape measure down and then spend ten minutes trying to find it. We haven't even started the outdoors yet, so it's kinda a jungle.We call that house the Red House, so in honor of that name I'll share with you a photo from inside looking out the second story at the heating guy's's kinda cool. By the time I got back from visiting the Greeen House we are working on, those holes in the wall were windows.

On the subject of the Green House, the work crew found a crown while working. I'll show you photos of that place soon, but back around Christmas time there was a fire. Now we're gutting it and you never know what you might find digging around. In this case, it was a perfectly good crown that was only grungy. Some soap fixed that and I'm all happy with as it's already distressed!

And on that note, I'm off to Princess around town today. I have a trip to the hardware store planned and who knows what else. I am sure nobody will mind if I wear my sparkly distressed bling!


  1. You wear it! A bit of sparkle is always good.

    That's a beautiful view from those windows..even the red truck is cheery looking.

    I'm wishing you all the best as you wrap up the house and start thinking about what's next.

  2. Oh I do hope you really did wear it - a girl can never have enough bling!

  3. Yeah... that crown was there for you...


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