Monday, May 1, 2017

Beer, Barnboards, & Cigars for Memorandum Monday

It's always epic to wake up the morning after a wee party and think WOW that was fun. We had a little garage party the other night complete with four stations for painting barn boards, wine, cigars, pizza, beer, and brownies. We modeled it after our local Wine and Design event, only with just a few of us and all DIY. I don't suppose they would have been happy about shots of tequila and cigars either, but we were getting in the spirit for Cinco De Mayo.

THE MAN gave me some quick instruction on how to put the actual piece together, complete with getting out the planer and router, so I got to try all kinds of interesting things. Seeing how I only made four wood canvases, they were put together a little nicer than the pallet ones they use down at Wine & Design. Plus since theirs are pretty much all the same, it was nice to have a square one!

I'm still working on my apple blossom one. I have a couple of ideas I want to try. I wanted the wood grain to show through a little, so I've been experimenting with using the acyclic paint like a wash. I might also cut out some blossoms to augment my piece...And I'll probably be adding a clear glass towel rod to the bottom and possibly some words.

So glad my friends could stop over and get all painty with me!

Happy Monday!

This piece was written for Memorandum Monday where we write about mail or what might strike our fancy! Join me in waving a happy paint brush at Sian over at From High in the Sky.


  1. Looks like a lot of fun. That first picture makes me want to shout "Tool time!"

    Have a great week Mitra

  2. Wow good on you for using the power tools.. where are your safely glasses hummm??? great canvases too!

  3. See! I already know how awesome this turned out! Sounds like much fun!


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