Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Snap Chat Toad Invasion for Another Freaking Scrappy

It's not often you get to go outside and "play" with your 16 year old. See the other night, the boy and I were driving back up the driveway and the toads were out in force. I didn't have the heart to smoosh a half awake toad who just came out of winter hybernation so I asked Luke to shoo them out of the way. We then proceeded to Lexi's window & held up a tree frog. She emerged immediately, phone in hand and made me show her every single toad we saw in the driveway. She then loaded all the photos up with funny captions to her snap chat since we were being invaded by toads.

I actually came up with this round center portion by accident. I had stumbled across a couple of sheets left over in this paper packet and decided to try to use up a lot of the paper. I had meant to cut a big circle out of one piece before sticking it down. Having forgotten that, I then tried to cut a circle anyway and part of it ripped. It then made me happy so I ran with it and added more ripped pieces. I love happy art making!

I added some little map pieces that were hanging out with the paper packet and those cool wood toad buttons. This page was made for the current challenge over at Another Freaking Scrappy. We're asking you to scrap about a pet or a toy. I'm kinda stretching the rules here since the toads are really pets and the phone isn't really a toy, but it something fun that happened recently and I wanted to share!

Hope you get a change to hop along with us over at Another Freaking Scrappy and get your page on!


  1. Haha...I had one of those toad invasion encounters once...They took turns to criss cross hop across the passageway as I walked by. I would not hold one in my hands though....eeek!

    Super fun page!

  2. o I hate toads.. we get some here.. not as bad as they used to be... I could NEVER hold one.. fabulous layot..

  3. My friend is absolutely phobic about frogs, let alone toads, I don't think you would have ever got her out of your car until they'd all gone!

  4. I'd say you could call a phone a pet if you wanted to!

    A beautifully bright page to house a great story.

  5. We were just talking about this phenomenon yesterday. When it rained back in Eden we'd always have so many frogs or toads jumping around in the road it was impossible not to run them over and it made me sad.....because driving around on fishers island was like that except it's bunnies. But we didn't hit any....almost did....and Ryan was told he will hit at least one or two... Sad again....but what a fun page!! Love happy accidents and I'd have said for sure you meant to do it! Very cool!


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