Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Vintage Pretties

Ran across these very delicate pretty doilies on hoops in the ReStore shop the other day and had to hold myself back at only buying two. They were so pretty. I was actually just looking around a little as I had already picked up a framed piece for $5 and you get a stamp on your card when you buy $10 so eventually you get free ReStore cash. Was glad I had kept looking.

See, I have this thing for vintage frames which initially was what caught my eye with this piece and then I figured out pretty quick that the actual framed item was pretty cool. I love dogwoods. In fact, I have both a pink and white one blooming now in the yard. (Photos on that in a later post) The actual frame was kinda looking too shabby for my taste so I carefully covered up the center section with a carefully cut piece of paper and spray painted a little to get the color more consistent.

Right now all these items are hanging out ready for a place in the revamped laundry room. The walls are freshly painted in there and the flooring done, and the oak counter top is being glued up. More on all that later, when it's assembled!

Happy Hump Day!

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  1. It's really fun reading your posts backwards. I feel like I know stuff no one else does. Although I know that's not I'm weird. Anyway! Awesome finds!! It would be hard to stop buying those hoops!


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