Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Oddly Inspired by Trash

So, the other day after I bought a bunch of socks for THE MAN, I was oddly inspired by the hanger. So inspired that I painted it antique gold and hung on to it. Around the same time, I reused a paint brush in clear varnish & let it dry that way. It was a throw away brush but the turquoise paint that I had used it for prior made me happy, so I spray painted the bottom of the brush antique gold. Last weekend I found a nice piece of cardboard for a base and started laying out some scrapbook paper with plans into making a little art piece.

A big doily found it's way onto the bottom  with some spray adhesive & then some splatters and clear sequins. Added a few more things I had found in my travels this past week...a red glass glob and a scrap metal flourish. Some thread, shabby roses, and some pretty gold leaves finished it up and voila! A nice base for a cool quote!

The metal door knob plate with a key hole & the brush became inspiration for the quote:

"The pursuit of art on a regular basis may be the key to healing our minds and bodies." Kim Blair

An odd little collection of things that make me so happy! And remind me to make ART! ;-)

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I think that looks wonderful.. very creative and arty... and love the quote too..

  2. Where is the hanger I kept asking myself. Saw this in my newsfeed on my phone and couldn't see where you'd put it. I scrolled through all the photos searching so waited to see it larger on my laptop. Duhh whose a numpty?? There it is hanging and hiding in the branches. Love it Mitra. x

  3. Yes and double yes! What an awesome idea... just 'cause you wanted to... and you were able to find everything when you were ready to start! Love this!


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