Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Junkin' on Memorial Day Weekend

The oldest, Mother In Law and I were off to visit Stormville this past Saturday. It's a huge junk show on the big weekends in the summer. Having to work right next to our ReStore, I pretty much figured I had seen it all. I did see quite a few things we sell at the store, but some were really topnotch. Check out this collection of little beauties here in in this case. I don't think I could just pick one if I was buying. Maybe I could limit myself to three....instead, I opted to go with a photo and a quick drool. There were other treasures around the corner that quickly caught my eye.

I fell in love with this jar/ern/fancy pants item right here. Wanted to grab some polish and get cleaning. I never did take a peek at the price tag. Pretty sure it was out of my league. Very epic!

I can tell you for sure that the $95 limoges plate there in the back certainly was also out of my price range, but I couldn't help but take a photo. Thankfully everyone is super cool with snapping photos of eye candy.

The lady selling this monstrosity thought I actually liked it. I did like it. Just not in my house and perhaps without anything purple, green, brown or fruit like hanging from it! It was pretty bling-or-ific! THE MAN did not play into my text of will this work in my office? He opted to ignore me for a while and then finally said it was too big. Giving him lots of credit for not typing back OMG FUGLY!

 A few little yummy things came home with me. The dude who was selling this pile of hardware wanted $30 for all of this. Lucky for me I only had $11 and he made me a deal. ;-) Honestly wasn't going to pay that much anyhow.

Made lots of fun memories this past weekend I'll be back to share. Got a layout or two to show you! Yes, I managed to scrap by the camper again!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Mr M and I have developed a code word for moments like that hanging thing. "Oh look" we say "That's magical". This comes from playing Dungeons and Dragons and having a fellow player who would pounce on treasure crying "That's magical! It must be magical , it's so hideous!" So now we nod and mutter "That's magical" and then we smile

  2. ooo lots of trash and treasure in those photos, the plates looked lovely, not sure about the hanging thing... and great little thingy's you got!!

  3. Oh wow. Loads of eye candy. I typically just take pics too....the price tags tend to scare me! lol

  4. I am so jealous!! I've yet to find a cool shopping excursion like this... You'd think with all the great weather here most of the year there would be a lot... um...not now... today it was 108 so like I said... MOST of the year... awesome finds!


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