Saturday, May 6, 2017

Pin Wheel Bouquet for THE CUTTING CAFE

The lilac has gone into overload this spring season and inspired my little sea glass colored bouquet. I love all the colors together and I especially like the scallopy pin wheels. They are part of a cutting file over at THE CUTTING CAFE called Pinwheels Sentiment Template and are super cute. I like that you can also use them for a card if you use the little printable with it.

The pinwheels were fun to pose in the vase. I cut one of the wooden sticks just a wee bit longer than the other so one would be on top. I was also impressed with how easy the whole thing was to assemble. I'm always looking for a fun little random act of kindness and the whole project was only a couple of dollars.

I used cog hardware in the center of mine and some hot glue & twine to decorate. A little glitter glue to shimmer and these were done! Easy peasy! Monday I'll be giving them away at some point to someone who needs a little pick me up. Fun times!

Enjoy your Saturday! I'm off to work on the laundry room which will involve a trip to the hardware store and a saw...possibly some paint! I can't wait!


  1. The lilacs look stunning, love the pin wheels too.. and enjoy the laundry room...

  2. i saw your bush the other post you wow wow...these pinwheels look lovely in it

  3. I do miss lilacs! What a perfect touch for a simple arrangement! love this!

  4. Is there anything that says..the sun's about to come out..better than a pin wheel? I think not.


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