Monday, April 4, 2011

Scrap Challege Ending!

The inside journaling to Marilyn's page!

Teri's Double Page Spread

Marilyn's Page

Michele's Double Page Spread

Jean's Double Page Spread

Julie's Page

Shirley's Page

A while back I posted a challenge on my blog that involved working with a piece of paper that was special to me. I had pieces of my childhood wallpaper cut up and scalloped and shared those pieces with friends! If you want to read the two posts that correspond to this one, click here and here. A quick run down of the the pages again are above. It's time to end the challenge and ask for votes! Please post your favorite page as a comment either on this blog or in Facebook. And the prize? Check out my next post! The voting is over on April 17th at six! We have another entry! Thanks for viewing!


  1. I vote for Shirley's page. No bias at all!!! :)


  2. I vote for Shirley not because She's my wife but because hers is the best

  3. Hi,

    I have to vote for Shirley. Really like the then and now concept. Lovely to look at and interesting to boot.

  4. I vote for Shirley, I think it is great.


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