Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A 450 Dollar Turtle Scrapbook Page

Used an awesome sketch from Crafty Sketches for inspiration and my new OH SNAP Kit from Scraptastic. Love the Amy Tan!

So, not sure if you remember, but I just got my husband back.

No, he wasn't missing. I knew exactly where he was. VEGAS. Sin City, the lucky dog. EIGHT everlasting days.

Yes, I got all sorts of interesting photos from Vegas and tried to act super happy when he called and told me about various awesomeness. The picture of the two hot girls wearing police outfits with their arms around MY MAN and holding a gun to his head was a bit much at 2 am, BUT, I held my cool. I even impressed myself.

So, Friday night (the NIGHT BEFORE HE WAS GETTING BACK, yes this is important) we went out for dinner at Dairy Queen. I even took photos of the kids with their little ice creams. I smirked the whole way through dinner. I love DQ ice cream for dessert.

Then, driving home, we saw a turtle crossing the road. Have no idea why turtles cross the road, I am assuming it's 'cause it's spring and they are looking for sandy places to lay eggs perhaps?

Regardless, we hatched the plan of capturing the painted turtle and bringing her home to our pond. Stopped in the middle of the road, grabbed annoyed turtle, drove her home and we then watched her in our glass aquarium for an hour or two.

It was getting to be around 6 pm (still very much daylight here) and was time to release the turtle...so we walked back to our pond. Both dogs were begging to go. They know that the creek is back there, mud for rolling in, things to sniff, basically dog heaven.

Now, let me just point out that I have a DOG BUTTON on my layout. There is significance to this.

So, while we are releasing the turtle and taking two whole photos, I hear yipping in the background. So like we had been out back there for five whole minutes.

Now, we do live in the midst of the wild kingdom with the turkeys and coyotes, and deer.

I thought briefly that the sound was a baby coyote and perhaps we should muster the troops and head back. Not that I thought a baby coyote or mama coyote would hurt us, just that the sound made me uncomfortable and slightly scared.

So, called the dogs. The fat, wet, muddy beagle showed up and we started walking back, calling for Patti, dog number two.

Patti starts crashing through the woods towards me and immediately I can see she is in distress.

She has a face full of porcupine quills.

We are like a half mile from the house. She is flipping her lid. Pushing her face into the dirt to try to make the pain go away.

Thankfully I have my phone and use google to call the vet that lives up the road.

They answer.

Our conversation goes like this:

ME:  LISTEN. I need to come in right away. My dog has a face full of quills. 

Mrs. Vet:  OK, that is fine. You can come in. But you will be charged for an after hours visit which is around $150 and then there is the cost for...

ME:  I.DON'T.CARE. I am on my way. 

Luke:  MOM MOM Mom? Is Patti going to die?

So, it is way too far to drag a big dog back or carry her to the house. Plus, she is still flipping her lid.

I look at Lexi and say, you gotta do this kid. Sit on her, hold her still with your body and I will run back and get the jeep. Thankfully she is nearly as big as I am these days and not squeamish.

Also, thankfully have that jeep and 4 Wheel Drive!

I ran (really ran like I was gunna die ran) back to the house, grabbed keys and drove my jeep back on our trails.

Threw kid and foaming bloody dog in the back of the jeep and send the other one running for the house with the fat wet beagle.

Fat Wet Dirty Gross Beagle took a nap on the couch while the kids and I drove foaming bloody faced dog to vets.

I will post this picture, but really small. You really don't wanna click on it. I mostly took a photo for THE MAN who was trying to get on an airplane and also flipping his lid 'cause Patti is his baby dog and he was feeling horrible we're all dealing with this trauma.

Plus, he asked nicely if I could just pull out the quills. He thought differently once he got this photo via text.

They sedated her, gave her a shot of antibiotics and three people spent two hours pulling quills.

She bit the stupid porcupine. BIT IT.

She is a lovely beautiful dog with a brain the size of a peanut and worth the $450 in vet bills....but I can honestly say the turtle I saw on the way home from picking her up the next morning that was crossing the road was left right there to fend for itself!!!


  1. Oh my...that tops your Dad's wood cutting story by FAR....your poor, poor doggy. I'm looking at that LO with a whole different set of eyes now!!! I LOVE how you've mounted your photo, then circle cut - never seen that done before. Looks super fab. Bet Patti [hope that's her name?] won't go near another porcupine for a while!!!!!

  2. ....and, forgot to say....your jogging get fit thing certainly paid off!!!!

  3. This is a poor Patti story, but I do love your layout. Such pretty colors. I really like the banner/title. It will be one of those pages that, when you look back you'll say, "Remember that night...."

  4. Wow!! What a story and poor doggy!! LOVING the lo you made to document it!

  5. Oh wow! What a neat looking page! Love the way you divided it and have the journaling on one side! Looks fab!

  6. Oh! Oh my word, so humorous, so SO NOT, at the same time! Your poor little baby! I did enlarge the picture, and my heart just ached. How is she doing now? Lesson learned, hopefully, huh??

  7. Poor Patti!

    I too enlarged the photo... then I went and hugged my big stupid dog.

    I'm so sorry your sweet dog went through this and that you had to too. We have porcupines in our neighborhood and I worry that this is going to happen someday.

  8. OMG..I too enlarged the picture and now I really wish I hadn't. Ugh, that poor baby!
    What an incredibly strange string of events that unraveled that night. I can't even begin to imagine the panic I would have been in. You saved the day and the dog, screw the turtle! Well, you probably saved it from being roadkill too. Just an all arond super woman.
    As for your layout...every single detail is perfect for telling this story; crazy as it was! Fun times at the Pratt home. :)

  9. That picture looks TERRIBLE! I would have been flipping out if my dogter was going through that too! I'm so glad she's okay now!!!

  10. O my ... I'm laughing as I'm feeling the doggie's pain .. your story is is awesome documentary of personal feelings & thanx for sharing ... thanx for taking up the challenge on crafty Sketches.. cheers X:)

  11. Oh my goodness what a story... I hope the dog has learnt her lesson now.. that must have hurt.... all that running back to the car.. and then the vet bill.. that must have hurt!! Fabulous layout too by the way!

  12. Poor baby! hope she's feeling better..why do these things always happen when the OH is away?love the LO!
    Alison xx

  13. oh my poor Patti, I hope she has the sense to think twice before trying that one again!!

  14. Oh my goodness! How traumatic!! And expensive!!! Gosh!!! I am sorry! Poor doggie! I hope Patti is feeling a whole lot better by now poor darling :( Very pretty turtle layout there too - EXPENSIVE turtle in retrospect huh?!!

  15. Oh my Mitra what an experience, I can only hope you can laugh now! Sorry to say we did have a giggle, you wrote it so well! Gorgeous layout popped over from Lisa, fantastic door frame, have a lovely weekend, take careX:)

  16. Oh my...what a story!

    Love what you did with the Oh Snap! kit. That banner is perfect!

  17. Oh my goodness! Poor puppy!!! I'm so glad that she's okay. Your layout is awesome. I love the puppy brad that you added.

  18. Lisa M linked to your blog and after seeing her fabulous door, I had to check out your blog! So glad I did!
    Your page is fantastic and I love that you incorporated the little pup into the embellishing. However, I have to say that your engaging storytelling is what really drew me in! Your poor little puppy!! Hope all is well and your DH has a great appreciation for you!!

  19. I clicked before getting the warning not to eww his poor mouth. Got to love them though..Lovely layout love the dog button.. Sandy :)

  20. oh my goodness the poor puppy!!! my dog jumped into a fishing boat that was lined with lures when i was younger and had them stuck to every part of her body!! took the fishing man and my dad over two hours - (we where really remote) and a 8 year old girl crying the whole time :( something i will never forget


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