Tuesday, October 2, 2012

9 Mile Yosemite Hike for Miracles Momma Designs New Sketch

Hey there Friend!

Just popping in to tell you about the new sketch up at my friend Heather's blog Miracles Momma Designs.

Heather used to work as a graphic designer and now stays home with the kids. I believe she'd tell you the first job was easier! Anyhow, she makes a couple of sketches a month and a group of girls informally do pages that go along with them.

To me, it's the ultimate in design teams to be on.

No stress, fun girls chatting on a private facebook forum, and no drama. HOW I HATE DRAMA!!!!

She is also very flexible so if you can't make a deadline, it's not the end of the world. Play along if you wish, she'd love it.

Anyhow, very cool sketch that I rotated and added a LONG TITLE in accordance with the sketch.

My flower was so much fun to make. Used up some linen I had!

And the journaling:

I remember this hike fondly...they fed me candy bars to keep my motivated to keep hiking. Will hike for candy STILL! 

My Mom was really good about not letting me have too many treats, so the motivation of a candy bar a mile really inspired me! See my little red Baby Ruth die cut by the edge of my flower? My Aunt Connie will remember this hike, since these photos are from when we visited them in California.

Oh and very shortly I'll have a page about another hike I just took to the Sun Gate at Machu Picchu. We did NOT have any chocolate and I am pretty sure that would have helped....

Anyhow, happy Tuesday!



  1. You are the sweetest Mitra! I really appreciate your help on my design team. One of the reasons I'm so informal is because I hate drama too. Scrapping is supposed to be fun!

    I love the linen flower you made. It's beautiful!!! Your layouts are always so well thought out.

    P.S. Staying home with the kids is WAY harder than graphic design. LOL

  2. WOW cant wait for the Machu Pichu hike and this one is awesomely good. I can see the design elements have brought together some pretty eclectic embellishments. I'm off to check out Heather's site.

  3. Love the layout, Mitra. The flower is especially awesome. I never thought of how much Lexi looks like you until this pic. I do think a candy bar a mile would work for me too.

  4. Chocolate makes everything easier - surely your mother has learnt this by now??

    Love this Lo - can't wait to see your sun gate LO!

    And that linen flower - mmm, maybe my fav of your many hand made embellies yet! xx

  5. Too funny!!!!!!!!!!! love it a candy bar a mile will have to do the conversion to km hahahahahahaha
    I love the layout especially the flower cluster

  6. Love that flower Mitra..great LO!
    Alison xx

  7. Wonderful page! The flower is beautiful and I love the scrolly, wood-cutty, leafy thing! The team sounds like so much fun!
    On a side note, the whole chocolate bribery may just make my DH want to go hiking with us! Thanks for the great idea!!

  8. Hey what ever motivates I say, lol Maybe I should have used that idea for my DD. Great pic and I do love you hand made flower, it looks beautiful.


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