Thursday, October 25, 2012

Free Range Dogs for the ScrapFriends Color Challenge

One of the most enjoyable parts of Peru was the wide variety of canine friends hanging out. They were on street corners, laying soaking up the sun in the middle of the square, on doggie missions wandering down cobblestone streets...and looked well fed, taken care of, and happy!

When we questioned our Peruvian Girl Guide, Karina said they were like community dogs not street dogs.

Meaning that they go home at night to dog dishes and beds, but hangout during the day doing dog like things.

Now, this concept was difficult for us people from the States.

We have leash laws, pooper scooper laws, biting laws, rabies laws, have to license our dogs with the USDA laws, etc.

We don't have free range anything. The same principle applied to goats and pigs. They normally were hanging out where goats and pigs like to hang out.

Now, don't get me wrong I'd be slightly annoyed if Joe's Oxen were free range and standing in the middle of my flowerbeds. However, he has the nicest dog who is totally OK to wander over here for some head scratching!

So, in a quest to document the cultural differences I made a page! And to help me along, used the cool color challenge over at ScrapFriends.

The great part of a color challenge is digging through your stash. Had forgotten about this pretty spotted black flower and the cream color one I had made ages ago that also worked!

Loved inking up this little heart I found, inking up my white sparkle letters, and also adding some black misting with some pearls.

Happy Thursday, you know what tomorrow is...that fabulous day right before the weekend!

Oh and PS. Lizzy Hill if you think I took that photo 'cause the dog looked like Wally you'd be right. Is it possible he used his super dog powers to visit South America while you were sleeping?


  1. Love your layout, and love your little PS to Lizzy, Looks like Wally has been having his own adventures while Lizzy is away ;)

  2. You know Lizzy was overseas at the same time as you (give or take) maybe Wally decided to have a break as well...

    Love these colours together, you've done it well. Love the ides of community dogs (little ones anyway..)


  3. Oh he is cute!! and what a fabulous layout to scrap your memory with...

  4. What a fun layout and I love how you have used the colours :) So glad you joined us at Scrap Friends.

  5. That's one striking photo! It really brings home the point of your page

  6. Another fantastic page! The flowers are beautiful and I love the large doily!
    Being a dog lover, I think I would be quite happy with free range dogs as long as they are friendly and behave themselves (no digging in the flowers or the vegetables!).

  7. Would love to see the humorous side of this page with a cut out of the oxen in your flower bed!! I agree, some rules are probably good! So wondering adorable dogs and hugging llamas...awesome vacation! You scrap the coolest memories.

  8. Cool page, superb colours - LOVE having you at SF & I agree with how colour challenges help diminish the Stash. WALLY!!! I miss my baby dog soooo much, & it DOES look like him...sigh.....stuck on the ship - the perfect weather has finally broken & whilst we're NOT in for the perfect storm heading the US & sorta your way, we do have 40 knot winds & 3 metres swells..hence, we couldn't call into NESSABAR, BULGARIA today, but are heading straight back to Istanbul. To keep us busy they put on the film ..dang it, can't remember the name - that Silent Film that won Lots of Awards??? Anywhooo, there was a cute little Jack Russell in that too...on the bed, licking The Master's Face....all my DH kept saying during the movie was 'Wally...I miss my Wally...'.
    Long story. Sorry. Hope Wally is NOT in Peru when we get home...or DH is bound to follow....:):):)

  9. great use of the color palette! glad you joined us again at ScrapFriends!!

  10. What a cute little story to document... I love it!! And a great layout of course - plenty of fun details like those flowers which really captured my attention :-) Thanks for sharing your beautiful layout with us at Scrap Friends.

  11. love your interesting theme..and fab misting!! ...thanks so much for joining in at ScrapFriends! :)


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