Monday, October 22, 2012

Joe's Hay Wagon Ride Page

Not everyone is as lucky as me and has a neighbor that has Oxen. He also has goats, but I suppose those are a bit more common.

Last year, we watched Joe and his wife lead his two Oxen into his woods and then shortly watched them lead them back out. They did this several times and we were wondering if they were taking them for a walk. Nope, they were skidding logs out. He does have a tractor, but wanted to give them a workout.

Anyhow, a few weeks back we got an invite to hang out over at his house  at a BBQ and go on a Hay Ride. It sounded like fun to me!

I hadn't ever seen our property from that side of things either, so it was cool to see what our house looked like from that direction and what his side of the creek looked like.

I only took a photo or two, mainly of the hay ride.

Normally a hay ride involves horses or a tractor, so it was our first Oxen ride.

I designed this page to be circular in nature. It is of course more oval like due to the shape of the photo, but I also wanted balance on my page which I felt was another meaning of circular.....

This was originally for the Fall in the Circle Challenge over at Our Creative Corner but I didn't get it up- loaded in time on Friday due to rain/good light for photos. No worries on that! However, thanks for the inspiration girls at OCC!

Had a lot of fun making my own leaves out of the Tim Holtz tattered die and also pairing them up with these Prima flowers. Used a bit of alcohol ink to turn the silver centers into burgundy as I felt like it made the page more fall like that way.

Anyhow, happy Monday to you! Hope you are Strong Like Ox like my geology professor used to say. Still don't know why he said that but for some reason it was always funny.


  1. Beautiful! I love the circular/oval shape framing your photo--it makes your page!!

  2. Wow this is an awesome photo, and I love the round frame around your photo just like the big wagon wheel.. and the flowers are perfect.. I can't say i have ever had a hay ride pulled by oxen before!!

  3. great photo and layout Mitra!! love it!!

  4. I think you have achieved balance with this fantastic layout! Gorgeous flowers and your colors are perfect for fall.
    Sounds like you had a wonderful time with your neighbors and their oxen!

  5. Wow! Just love the large photo and the blooms to frame it. Very eye-catching! :)

  6. As strong as an Ox is something I too learnt in school! My great-grandfather had oxen on his farm. What an unusual theme, Mitra! Love it :)

  7. As strong as an ox is a common expression here! Maybe he was from Africa?! Cool layout & I love those Prima flowers - just used some recently myself too!! BTW just wanted to assure you I haven't forgotten about your parcel. I have the book now & the layout done & am adding more bits and pieces to the box until it is full of goodness for you! Will let you know when I send it off!!


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