Thursday, October 11, 2012

Nicecrane Design Images and some pages for Shirley

So, the other day I was eyeballing things out on Facebook and I realized that somehow my neighbor's birthday had snuck past me.

NOW Shirley is one of the best neighbors anyone could have. She regularly brings me coffee and a quick chit chat which is GOLD when you work at home all day and your coworkers are dogs.

She mentioned that her scrap room was still in boxes due to a recent renovation.

I thought I should make her a few blank pages to ease her back into scrapbooking!

Had a GREAT kit from Scraptastic to use and also some amazing images from Nicecrane! He has both black and white versions and also one that has color added.

I tried my hand at coloring in the images. I have a set of very old markers that were designed for coloring on photos, so gave them a try. It's not perfect, but I liked how the image turned out!

I did also hand make a flower which I need to do a tutorial for since it was originally blue and the button was white!

Here is the image on the second page. YES, eyeballs on pumpkins should be yellow...small person was talking and I got marker crazy!

And one last shot of the second page and the title. I did not make that accordion decoration, but bought it for these pages. I believe it is by K & Co.

Hanging out in PA today at some training, so hopefully will get to hit a store or two and get some scrappin' supplies on the way home!


  1. What a good neighbor and friend you are. These are incredible LO's ready to be filled up and your markers have the grooviest hue on those images. Love what you did with the Nicecrane digis. :D

  2. HI.. That is a lovely idea of a ready made page, I hope it inspires your dear neighbour back into the scrap mode!!

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  4. First of all, I absolutely LOVE my pages. Mitra, I had no idea that you had colored in the images, so precious. I can't wait to get some pics of my granddaughter's Halloween costume. Thanks a bunch, and I love being your neighbor.

  5. Love the way you arragement all elemtns and all over the background and colors,,,,,they work perfectly with my funny digis,,,,,wowww,,,very well done Mitra.

  6. These are wonderful! I love the vintage images and can't wait to hear more about that flower!!
    A wonderful gift!!

  7. Beautiful colour work and Im sure your neighbor will love them.

  8. That is so sweet! You are the absolutely bestest neighbour ever!! Reading about coffee has made me wanna go make some :)))))


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