Friday, October 12, 2012

Ying to my Yang

Nice boots, my boss said to me yesterday.

He likely nearly tripped over my feet trying to get back into his chair at the training we were at.

I was personally planning an escape as soon as possible and not paying attention to the training or a boss coming back from a potty break.

A five hour drive back in the dark not being high on my priority list.

What does any this have to do with scrapbooking? Well, two things actually.

FIRST, I love flowers, bling, paper, and all that. But, honestly I don't think I'd ever try to make a career outta it. I need a Ying to my Yang.

My job is my Ying. Or perhaps it's my Yang. But regardless, it's the exact opposite to pretty flowers.

In fact, part of the training yesterday involved talking about silt socks, 70% vegetative cover, and BMPs. (Best Management Practices) I know yawn! I swear that some of the slides in the training I have perhaps seen five times. But, hey, I got to have waffles for breakfast and made a quick stop at a craft store on the way home.

True dedication is pulling into a shopping center an hour and a half from home and MAKING yourself go into a craft store so you can buy gold leaves. All I wanted to do was keep driving.

I managed to find a handful of things to buy in five minutes. That is skill right there.

Yes, everything is sparkly and goldish. I have a project for which those Tim Holtz buttons are an ABSOLUTE necessity that I didn't realize I needed until I saw them.

And today I am dragging at my Yang Job or is it Dang Job due to pulling in the driveway at around 10. It wouldn't have been too bad, but Patti the Freak Dog insisted she needed to sniff my tires, despite THE MAN saying she had just peed recently.

She must have spotted a black kitty and proceeded to get Skunked.

I almost got back in my car to leave.

Thankfully we stock tomato paste since this is perhaps her forth time tangling with a stinky kitty.

And, about the boots? They can stay by the door for a while. I think my trips down South are over for a month or two, thankfully!


  1. Wow what a busy lady, glad you got home safe and sound ready to do a bit more scrapping or off-the-page projects to share with us on your blog.

  2. Lovely! Those goodies are yummy!! Busy girl - wonderful that you enjoy your job so much. Balance in life is very important!

  3. fabulous treasures you got from the shop, and I dont need much convincing to stop at the craft shop... I guess we shall see your goodies on a creation soon!!

  4. Glad you got home before bedtime but sorry about the skunked dog!! I've never smelled it but understand it's the pits of smells. Glad you managed a crafty stop though!!!

  5. Lots of pretties from your little pit stop!! Don't you just love those black and white kitties?! Our Lab was leery of anything that moved for weeks after he played with the kitty...


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