Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Too Scary!

I had this great blog post written for today until I realized it wasn't November 1st. Which is even funnier since they haven't changed the date of Halloween and I know that is today!

Anyhow, thought I'd pop with a photo of me and THE MAN from a recent Halloweenie Party!

I know, nuts! My feet were dying! I wore them heels on a dare I tell ya!

Will not be wearing my Greek Goddess outfit tonight. I will be sitting on my heated seats in my jeep watching small people dart around in the dark begging for candy. Hopefully it won't be raining or snowing, either! The Sheriff will be driving. The upside is we get to collect the Daddy & Mommy tax which means we get to have some candy while they run for it!

Hope your evening involves something sweet and staying warm!


  1. Well nothing but the back drop a looking scarry there. You look stunning in that dress and those killer heels, ouch!!! I will be doing they same Saturday night for sons Lovely pic.

  2. You're one hot momma! Love that picture and you're CRAZY for subjecting yourself to those evil contraptions on your feet....OUCH!
    Terrific picture and hope the Halloween gathering of candy was fruitful. :)


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