Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Justice for Garrett

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A year ago today I was sitting at my desk when an e-mail from our school principal popped into my inbox. 

I cannot recall the exact words, but the gist of the message was:  We have determined it is safe to send your children home from school. 

WTF was the main thing running through my brain as the e-mail really did not say much else.

Nothing happens in Potsdam. Ok, nothing hardly ever happens in Potsdam. 

Through the grapevine I determined that a boy just one class higher than my oldest was brutally killed under mysterious circumstances. Rumors were flying and there were (& still are) many differing versions of what happened. 

She is now 12 and he was 12 when he died. 

Problem is that one year later we are no closer to closure. They have never figured out what happened. His story has never been told. His death never brought to justice. 

The school is having a ceremony of hope today and a moment of silence for this anniversary. I wish the educators strength in explaining the inexplicable to small people who have never thought to question their own mortality. Or the fairness of life. 

Tomorrow I'm back to scrapbooking and happy tales. Today, my small shout out to the universe to ask you all to take a second to hope that this town gets an ending to their story. It might be a sad ending and the story itself will always leave an ache, but to quote Momastery, Life is BRUTIFUL


  1. Just wondering why the news media never got to the bottom of this...whatever the reason, one young life was lost meaninglessly! My heart goes out to his family.

  2. HI.. We have had a similar thing in australia.... The whole nation was touched by the story of Daniel Morcombe and the courage of his parents.. It is a horrible thing for a child to be taken in violence, and we all unite and pray for anyone who is personally touched by this.. I do hope you can find some answers to this crime and some closure and also hope beyond hope it never happens again...

  3. That is so sad... I hope someday his family has closure...

  4. Very nice memorial to a great kid and a great family!

  5. So sad to hear of this story and I along with many parents and grandparents hope the world will become less violent and a much safer place for all of us.

  6. My sentiments exactly to that email....nothing like adding hysteria to more hysteria. That poor family and a community that deserves answers for an adorable young boy lost so senselessly! I pray for answers and some sense of closure.

  7. Oh how tragic Mitra, I can only imagine how important it is to know what happened to this boy so not only the family but the community can move on and feel safe again, I pray that this happens.


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