Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hippy Chick Costume

So, a couple of weeks ago, I asked both kids what they wanted to be for Halloween.

Lexi waffled. She really wants to still GO trick o' treating, but then she is getting older you know. Just turned 12. Nearly an adult, rolling eyes.

She said, I want to be a hippy chick.

Now, that is a good costume right there. For one thing, you can easily get your hands on things that look semi-hippy like and even better, might be able to wear them again.

Well, not those shoes. I can't imagine she could wear those shoes again, but I've been surprised before.

Basically my Mom just sewed some tie dye ribbon around the bottom of flare leg jeans and we colored the flowers on some shoes that were on sale at the store. Add in a headband and a some kind of flowery flowing shirt, you are golden!

Can you tell those shoes are a SIZE 9? Goodness gracious, she is talking after THE MAN's side of the family. I wear size 7. Yikes, she is going to be tall and have long legs. Daddy will have to keep the shotgun on the porch to keep the boys at bay!

And, I know all of you don't celebrate this holiday. I actually went to look it up a bit ago to see what the origin of Halloween was.

It sounds like Halloween started with pagan harvest festivals. Really here it's just a bunch of kids (and adults) that have an opportunity to get dressed up for fun. Next to Christmas, this is the second largest holiday people spend money on.

Interestingly enough, I spent 8 days in Peru learning how the pagan beliefs of the Incas translated to the Catholic religion.

The theory was to ease them into it slowly and keep things they were used to.

For instance, in this painting of The Last Supper in Cusco Cathedral, that is guinea pig on the table. I know! Crazy huh! It's a huge delicacy of theirs, so only the best could be portrayed. ;-)

Anyhow, hope your Wednesday is treating you well!


  1. yeah it seems to be catching on over in australia, personally I dont have any thing to do with it... can't be bothered really, I look forward to seeing your hippy chick in photos!! and the thought of eating a guinea pig is too much to think about too...excuse me while I go hurl.....

  2. Looking forward to seeing your page featuring the hippy chick :)

  3. That's the kind of costume I like ...easy to put together! Xx
    Alison xx

  4. Oh I approve of that outfit! How lovely!! Nothing wrong with dressing up as such a hip hippy chick!!!

  5. Love the costume that Lexi decided on. Looks really awesome to me. Can't wait to see it on her, she will be the "best hippy ever".

  6. Love that hippy chic gittup, will pass on the main course!!!

  7. Love her outfit! My oldest DD is 13 and we are at the same stage. Of course, now that she's older, her costumes are more creative and cheaper because we hit the thrift stores to look for ideas.
    So glad THAT picture of the Last Supper isn't hanging in my house!


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