Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sexy Llama

Because I am not quite right, I walked around Machu Picchu the first day singing the Mama Llama song. I am for sure someone you might want to take a trip with. Loads of fun.

You don't know the Mama Llama song? Yeah, you'd better go check it out. I am sure your life will not be complete without that strange little ditty running around your head. I'll wait....

They need to add Sexy Llama to the song though and I have proof!

So, after our long hard hike to the Sun Gate, my Mom and I were getting ready to board the bus for the bottom. I will not get into the exciting bus ride which has only room enough for one bus at the hairpin curves of which there are many...I will save that for another day. ;-)

Anyhow, we were standing in line for the bus when the dude selling postcards spotted my Mom. Now, I recognized him from the day before. He approached us and said in fairly good English that my Mom had promised to buy postcards today. It was a good sales pitch but she had probably actually said that the day before.

As she was rooting around her pack for $2, he told her she could add an extra package of postcards and get two sets for $3. A great deal as he pointed out that the second set were "sexy." I was pretty sure he was confused. Nobody selling postcards with Llamas and beautiful mountains would use the word sexy, would they?

I leaned in for a closer look and got a clue.

Look! The Llamas are hugging!

No way.

Postcards were  purchased quickly 'cause the bus was coming and my Mom was pretty sure I was going to start rolling around on the ground laughing.

Of course, the whole tour group took a look at the Sexy Llama postcard. I am sure they were jealous. Knowing my parents, they choose wisely who got the "Special" postcard. I can't see my Gram Skip finding it all that interesting since I am sure she hasn't had a "hug" in a few years....

Again, because I am not right, I must scrap this precious memory.

A very flat page for me by design.

I am planning on making a Peru trip book and I want some of the pages to be traditional scrapbooking scanned in as illustrations which is also the same reason I left off the journaling. My editor (Dad) will help me with that part.

Used a ScrapFriend's sketch rotated and was also inspired by the leaf/fern near the photo.

Anyhow, will be scrapping more of Peru shortly! In the meantime, Happy Hump Day, pun intended!


  1. Oh my totally had me laughing here...great story, awesome layout! Love it all!

  2. You know the song "where ya from, you sexy thing"...that's what ran thru my head. Don't ask why. And I am on quick Scrap Friends, my friend - awesome take...different to your usual style, but I like it VERY much, especially the way you've incorporated that bg paper into the design. Clever:):) we're in Florence, moving on to Ancona tomorrow then over night on the ferry to Serbia then bus to Dubrovnik with the hope of meeting the cruise ship there. PHEW!!!! Presuming we can manage all that:):) Loving our hol so good, food outta this world, locals friendly. LOTS of you lot over here...& taa 4 playing along with this one:):):)

  3. This is just the funniest thing! Hahaha!

  4. this story is just too funny :)! love you page. the leaves look great when outlined with black. nice touch! thanks for playing along with us again at ScrapFriends :))!

  5. Hahahahahahahahaha...llama lovin'...nothin says, I'm having a terrific vacation" like that postcard! :) are awesome. Cherish your twisted mind, it's glorious. :D

  6. really need to put a warning on these posts! I had to take a break to wipe the coffee off my screen before typing! Llama hugs, LOVE it!! Also think it's fabulous that you scrapped this page as it is a very fun moment on your trip! Thanks so much for my biggest laugh today!

  7. As always Mitra love reading your stories and this one also made me laugh, especially that your take on the sketch as well.

  8. Now THAT is a funny story and I love the layout, such a great take on the sketch too! Thanks for joining in the fun :)

  9. hehe that's so cute and funny! your take on the sketch!...thanks so much for joining in at ScrapFriends! :)

  10. What a fun layout to capture an even funnier story! I'm sure you're glad you've scrapped this memory. And thanks for sharing it with us at Scrap Friends! LOL!


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