Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Braces & Yarn Page for the Miracles Momma Designs Sketch

This was such a fun stop on our way driving from Cusco, Peru to the Urubamba Valley. We visited a family who makes all kinds of lovely scarves, purses, shawls, and hats by hand.

I was also really thankful we got to stop since I had to pee so badly I couldn't see straight!

Let me explain something. They tell you to DRINK lots of water to help with the altitude. Usually I temper my water drinking by how long a drive I have...but in this case I didn't know how long we were going to be on the bus. I tried out my new sneakers in a SPRINT to the bathroom!

Anyhow, this fun family keeps their traditions alive by hand making all sorts of lovely items which are of course for sale.

Their youngest gave us a very good presentation in ENGLISH on the various plants needed to dye all that beautiful yarn you see in the background of my page. I am guessing she is around 12 and also has braces, which was a stark contrast to many of the other kids running around. I am thinking that the tour groups stopping in have brought her family a good income so they could pay for braces!

Two things were very helpful in making my page. First, this awesome sketch from Heather at Miracles Momma Designs. She has this posted on her blog and she'd love for you to give it a whirl!

Secondly, I made my own background paper using this image!

I happen to have a 12 by 12 printer, but really any printer will do if you are trying for a particular feel on your page. I really LOVED these yarn balls, so wanted to make sure I incorporated them into a page. I lightened the photo a bit so it wouldn't overwhelm the rest of my photos. 

Now there were a couple of photos I didn't use on my page, but I will likely use digitally in the travel book I'm making.

Here is an awesome photo showing all the plants they use to dye the yarn. To gross us out, she showed us a beetle that lives on a cactus that can be crushed to make the red dye. It also is used to color lips and your cheeks!

Can you see  a bit of the red on her cheeks there in my close up? She also put it on her lips, which did make me twitch just a bit...

And if that wasn't bad enough, here is one more photo to show you a cultural difference.

Here in the states, these little furry critters are pets. There, food. Now, for the record, I didn't try any guinea pig. They left it off our menus for obvious reasons. However, I did consider it, but there was so much amazing food to pick from, I just didn't get a chance.

And I suppose you want to see a photo of what I got, right!? LOVE LOVE LOVE this Alpaca cape!

And, I got a few scarves too, here is one of my favorite with the knitted coco leave fringe. More about coco leaves later. THAT is a most interesting cultural difference.

Happy Hump Day early! The middle of the week is sneaking up on us already!


  1. Such an awesome, awesome post! I love that you used a photo of the yarn for a background. Such a super neat layout Mitra. The story behind it is amazing!

  2. LOVE that alpaca cape! And your photos are amazing! And such a great layout as well. I really enjoyed this post.

  3. I saw this on Heather's blog the other day .... and LOVED your background!! Stood out to me!! I loveeeeeeee your lo!!!!

  4. WOW Mitra both the scarf and the Jacket are gorgeous, is alpaca yarn super soft? Great job on the background paper as well, I was wondering who's brand that was until I read your post. As always an enjoyable read and lovely page.

  5. Oh so very interesting reading more about your travels.. i love how they dress so colorfully, love the scarf and jacket too.. and a wonderful take on the sketch.. I am sure you will find a way to scrap the many photos you have taken!!

  6. Oh wow. Love the photo you printed for the background. It adds such interest to your layout. :)

  7. I am enjoying reading about your travels and the lovely pictures. Neat idea to make your own unique background, Mitra!

  8. Those are cochineal beetles. Yeah that's right - cochineal as in food colouring. great photos.

  9. Oh my your cape is beautiful and THEY EAT THE GUINEA PIGS!!! That's all I can think about right now!!! Oooooooeeeeeewwwwwww....Lovely photos and what a fun page! Love the title!!

  10. I can only imagine how amazing your trip was! The pictures are fantastic and I love the stories behind them too. The cape and scarf are beautiful! Hmm...guinea pig... think I'll pass!

  11. Dammit all, Miss Mitra...just popped over for a quick peek on this stoopid expensive ship internet & there was toooo much to see...so I've stopped about here....good to see you're enjoying life, especially hay rides on oxen & I LOVE that page....looks sorta old fashioned to match the oxen with the oval circle!!!??!!! GLAD to introduce you to another challenge.....I haven't even looked up ones I was in last month...should do that before going to bed in our ship, berthed off the port of SOCHI in RUSSIA.......almost as exotic as Peru. We saw Stalin's holiday home [dacha] here today. NOT exotic!!! Take care, miss you....


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