Thursday, January 24, 2013

13 Stitches, 1 Rollo, & Guilt Scrapbook Page for Scrap Fit Color Challenge

This was a great color challenge from ScrapFit. First off, I had the perfect photo to use, secondly I had to pull out a piece of Tim Holtz paper I had been hoarding, and third, a small person asked me when I was going to tell this story on my blog, so three birds with one stone!

Do you not love their colors!?

And I love my title, as difficult as it may be to admit to still feeling guilty over this! But it also gives you a close up of the paper I used, which reminds of bringing Luke home some chocolate rolos to make up for hurting him. 

See, we were out back exploring and trying to cross our creek. At all goes back to having a new THUMB. Ok, I'll explain. ;-)

We purchased the thumb for the tractor. That is the metal piece at the back part of the scoop.

See it there? It basically makes picking up rocks EASY PEASY. I know! I have eighteen new rock gardens planned. Lets just not tell THE MAN until spring.

So anyhow, this THUMB also picks up brush and we were in the process of making a nice brush pile for a little winter bonfire when THE MAN had to run back to the garage and get a torch.

So, while we were waiting, Luke and I decided to cross our creek over a fallen log covered with ice. We were using a really sharp stick to wack the ice off. Finally mostly clear, Chicken Momma (that is me) crosses carefully with the same stick. Half way over I say LUKE I'm scared. And he says, Oh keep going it's no big deal.

So, I do carefully because I am an old lady. I yell, I'm throwing the stick back and heave it.

Now, I cannot hit the broad side of the barn on a good day.

My son being much smaller than a barn, I could not believe I hit my son in the face right above his eye.

I could tell it hurt real bad from the other side of the creek from his cry. I then levitated over the same icy log, stuffed his winter hat in the huge bleeding crater and half carried him the half mile back to the house.

Met up with THE MAN who was like, really, stitches? LET ME SEE and don't be a baby.

Five minutes later we were on our way to emergency where I had to explain to everyone how I broke my own son.

He looks nearly perfect now, not all sad like this photo below. See how I slipped in his hospital bracelet behind the photo and near the Rolos?

I have been assured by many men that women think scars look sexy. Being that I am a woman, you would think I would have came up with that on my own...

So, taking a poll on that subject, are they sexy or not?

Happy Thursday...and go head, leave me some funny comments on breaking my son, I can handle them now...a month ago when this happened, you would have made me cry! ;-)


  1. Now why would we be nasty???? You've had a few heart-stopping moments lately haven't you. All I can say is the roloes should be twice the size, looking at your poor offspring's scar. I think he'll be able to use that for years, the guilt trip I mean. Ingenious page with the bracelet and rolo pack.

  2. Oh ouch! Poor little guy. Seriously though, you didn't do it on purpose so you are still an awesome Mom. Everyone has accidents! I'm glad he's okay. Hugs!!

  3. Sooooo Lucas is going to avoid you when you wield any stick-like configuration from now on, methinks. And wisely so....bats, rulers, brooms....RUN, Lucas, RUN!!!! Course, it will work in your favour, too - a quietly spoken 'Remember the stick, son, remember the stick' & I reckon he'll do whatever you want!!!!! Sheesh! Just as well he ducked...bit close to the eye there, Mitra!!! But, hey - Men win. I agree. Scars are sexy...well, not on a KID, but he'll grow into a man [you're helping him on the way to that, eh? Interesting way to Toughen Him Up!]...sooo you've actually given him a head start in the girl stakes. Guess he should THANK you for the Stick Incident!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. BTW...LOVE those colors & how you've used them on the page. If I was Luke I'd take it for 'show & tell' - if they have that at school. Nothing like embarrassing a parent!!!!!!

  5. Oh my goodness you poor thing Mitra, the last thing any parent wants to do is hurt the kids but it sounds like all is OK now and he's going to look sexy when he's grown a bit. He'll talk about this for ages, even into his adult life I'm guessing. Time for you to smile now 'cos accidents will happen when we least expect them.

  6. Oh dear, what a story, I do hope it has healed well now.. and typical scrapbooking mum you just had to make a layout out of it!! really lovely colors.. and well my jury is out on whether scars look sexy on a man... not sure about that one... no more stick throwing for you, unless it is at a barn!!

  7. It sounds kind of bad to say "great story" lol but it is a wonderfully told one, that's for sure!

  8. I about fell out of my chair when you said you levitated back across! Scars are sexy, no doubt and he'll have plenty of time to concoct a more masculine version of how he acquired it. Tracking lions on a safari, riding a barrel down Niagra Falls, One on one intense Ninja spear training....
    It comforts me to know that I'm not the only one who spontaneously and accidentally 'breaks' my kids.
    AWESOME page and the keepsake Rolo and hospital band are the best.
    BTW...13 is my lucky that has to be a good thing. ;)

  9. Ooh! That looks nasty...glad to hear it's healing nicely...and I'm sure the Rolos helped cheer him up at the time!
    Alison xx

  10. Aaaaw shame! For both of you!! I can imagine the pain and the guilt!! But it was an accident after all and could have been a lot worse! I do love your layout too - you have documented this story beautifully!!

  11. Oh, I so feel your pain. That must have been so scary! Actually that cut looks like it is right in his brow line and I bet will barely be noticeable if at all when it is all healed. Oh, and the page - fabulous guy page!! ~ Blessings, Tracey

  12. Your page is great and you are definitely not alone in the breaking your kids category... Besides, now he will have an air of mystery about him!

  13. I love that you scrapped about something 'real life' like this!!! And the layout turned out STUNNING! :) If you have a chance check out the new scrapbooking blog starting up. Your layouts would be a great fit for the coming challenges and you might enjoy the inspiration!! :) :) :) :) :)


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