Thursday, January 10, 2013

When Men Get Bored and an Eye Test

Today, I have for you an eye sight test. What is that way way way off in the field?

If you guessed my jeep, you'd be correct. If you guessed my jeep and THE MAN plowing to it on the Kubota, I'd award you a chipboard gold star covered with vintage glass glitter.

Now, you might ask...why would your new jeep be way out in your field, Mitra? It seems like such an odd place for a brand new jeep.

Well, you see...last Saturday THE MAN got bored. He said, lets see how far we can get in the field with our  Polaris Rzr. Now this bad boy is our trail vehicle. We haul our wood back with it and in general, it works well with mud, snow, etc. However, it was not capable of getting through the huge amount of snow we had in the field. So, basically after figuring out it was not going to work, he gave up his plan of visiting our trails out back in five seconds.

Then I said, well, I suppose you will want to try my jeep next?

Bad move on my part. Next thing I know I am backing her out of the nice warm garage and we've hit the snow.

For the record, he did say, well, if we get stuck, it will be really close to the driveway and I'll just pull it out with the tractor.

For the record, it was not close to the driveway, but nearly in our trees.

Interestingly enough, to get the jeep out really did not take that long for me. I watched from the upstairs window for an hour in the warmth and scrabooked. When he was nearly there, I went down to help drive one of the vehicles. She was out in about five minutes just hung up on packed up snow. We put her back in the garage to thaw out.

My FIL said: Who drove out there??? Was there a need to be out there?? A snow blower is what he needs, and don't try off roading when the snow is that deep.

My Dad said:  You know. really. Plow your way there, really!!!???  Snow blower on that 'Bota would 'a made it there in minutes and you two could 'a celebrated on those heated seats while the kids look up from their what-ever devices in the big room and wondered what are they doin'? What ya thinkin'? Missed an opportunity there, dude. 
It's good to know you can still get scolded by parents when you are nearly 40.

Happy almost Friday!


  1. 6 to 10" expected here on Saturday. I don't need to tell you how I feel about that....
    Would you like me to post pictures of how far out I can get in my husband's 302? HAHAHA...NOT!
    Why am I not seeing igloos and snowmen and snoopy's dog house in your yard?

  2. Send some snow over here, puleeze ....looks like a WONDERFUL adventure, from your scrapping window ... YOU dobbed your poor jeep in? It may be huffy with you the scoldings you got ....the one Parent I've got left still scolds....sigh:):):):)..... But I'm learning to pass on that "love" on right down the line!!!!!!

  3. Ha ha you really cheered me up with this one Mitra. Can't wait to see how you scrap it! Thanks for the laff. xx

  4. I know what you mean, when my grandmother was alive she still scolded me when she thought it was needed and like Lizzy I find myself doing the same to my adult children and grandchildren. Love your photos of this incident.

  5. Okay, that's just too funny! My husband does dumb stuff like that all the time! By the way, where the heck are you? You almost have as much snow as we do!!! Incidentally, my husband got stuck in our driveway just last night, but it was nowhere near the damage I caused when I got stuck in the driveway three weeks ago, sigh!

  6. Oh my goodness.. so glad your jeep is back in it's warm garage... I just shake my head at this story... men...

  7. I'm over here giggling like mad at the lecture the two of you got over the man's adventure. I've got one word for ya... MEN! LOL


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