Tuesday, January 22, 2013

GROW: Whatever the Season & Graphic

like it how it sounds good either way...

Whatever The Season:  GROW

Yesterday I blogged about something I think is really important.

At times we get bogged down in the day to day. I know I do. Where just simply making it though the day is a chore. I call that living in the rut of life! And it's cool because sometimes life is just that, getting through.

We got offered a chance to move to Northern NY a while ago. Two and a half years ago. THE MAN and I work as project managers. Meaning we project planned the whole thing. It went extremely well. New carpets throughout the whole house, the furnace had maintenance, fuel oil delivered, all walls painted, new appliances installed, etc. And for the most part, we did all the work ourselves. Kids showed up to completely painted and unpacked rooms and life was good.

Then various things happened you could not project plan for. A dog died and two people moped because they left behind people and places they missed. Plus, one person moped because she missed her big stores and talking to coworkers who didn't bark.

However, in the span of two and a half years a few things happened. We got over ourselves and our losses and saw new opportunities.

I lost 12 lbs, started blogging, learned how to shovel, got an Amazon Prime Account, and gained the ability to work anywhere. I grew. Kinda like the moss I was talking about yesterday.

I think what we did was a bit extreme, but I don't want to change back into the old me. I like the new me that is smaller and smarter.

If you are inspired to work on something in 2013, I am going to share this graphic & link with you. I set very generic goals myself. This year I want to ENGAGE and it means quite a few things to me. I think setting
one little word and perhaps making something to remind yourself like a scrapbook page or piece of Art is the same as writing down your goal. It may be perhaps even stronger than simply writing it down as you have poured your art from your soul into something and then added glitter....

href="http://www.onlineeducation.net/2013/01/07/setting-goals">Setting Goals Infographic

Let me know how it goes for you! I think also I will post about how I lost 12 lbs at some point. It took forever and was so slow and gradual I really did not notice until one day I had to go buy new jeans that would stay up. Just like setting a goal for a year. Enjoy your journey!


  1. Very insightful ... I am truly inspired by this post! LOVE IT!!!

  2. Well this has certainly been food for thought! I love your statement, poured your art and soul into it and of course, don't skimp on the glitter!
    Terrifically inspiring post and I'm lovin' me that one word goal. Engage...now that's motivational!
    Thanks for sharing this Mitra :)

  3. This is one of those posts which unexpectedly makes me stop and think. One to savour and enjoy!

  4. This is GREAT...v thought provoking. Last year I resolved to write a book. Which I did. But it's crap, & needs rewriting, cos like all goals, once reached, they still need working on!!!! But the BEST bit about your post...the GLITTER, of course:):):)!!!!!

  5. Goals with glitter - I like the way you think!

    This has been on my mind alot lately - I need to stop floating along so am currently in thinking mode about what I want to do in the future - so tricky...

    thnak you , and we are all glad you started blogging. xxx

  6. Good post, and I am one of those who don't make goals, I fit well in my rut and I like life to be quiet and uneventful.. but I do try and add a bit more glitter every now and then... !!

  7. This year I am so unsure of things which is so unusual for me - so many curved balls and just not feeling in the mood for goad setting but I know I must and I will get it done by the end of Jan - better late than never!

  8. I'm with Helen - too many curved balls in my life right now but I have lost some weight too and I suppose my goal this year will be re-invent! Thanks Mitra for making me ponder and set my goal.


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